Pleiadian Teachings Part 4

pleiadesDo you know how many people are willing to look at the negative and the dark? Not too many.

Do you know how many people are living in the dark? Do not run from the shadow of life, for there is much healing to be completed once the pain of the darker side of life is felt, realized, and understood. Continue reading

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Archangel Uriel: Light and New Life

urielWe are in a time of expanded Light frequencies. New doors are opening for your ability to perceive in more expansive ways. The power of keen perception is available to all who ask and take the time to receive.What you require now is to relax into the Divine Light flooding the planet and allow it to complete the rewiring process that is working within your energy system to create your ascended Light Body.

Deepening your breath is a key ingredient in opening and expanding into the new empowered frequencies of Divine Light. Continue reading

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Pallas Athena: Manifesting a Love Relationship

456786543Love is one of the core expressions of the Creator. Love is the most truthful feeling and experience which resembles, aligns us to and awakens the Creator’s pure vibrations within. Love is the label for the human and physical reality experience of the Creator. Love represents the purest vibration of the Creator in existence within your being.

The Creator can be expressed in numerous ways, qualities and energies, it is the same for the quality of love. There are Continue reading

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Awake Beloved Ones

147464310297779Awake beloved ones,

Awake to understand who you are. You are more than just a human form. Everyone has loving life force energies running through you.

They are the vibrations of love. You are eternal. You are sacred. You have abilities to overcome all and I mean ALL obstacles. Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey 10/21/2016

147403459048849Few people are aware that for a very long time there has been a war in Space between forces of the Illuminati and Space Beings. The Illuminati have made it possible because they have re-directed trillions of dollars into their secret Space Program. The battles have taken place to stop the Earth being completely taken over by them. If they had succeeded it would have truly become Prison Earth. The population would have been at their mercy, as they carried out their plan to extensively reduce the numbers upon Earth to a manageable size. Continue reading

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Pleiadian Teachings Part 3

pleiadesThe essence of what everyone must manufacture is the value of self:

“Hey, if my body manifested sickness, it can manifest wellness as well. Whose limitation and whose decree of illness am I going to accept?”

You have stored within you an abundance of magnificent Continue reading

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Archangel Zadkiel: An Interdimensional Message

zadkielBlessings, I am Zadkiel, here to communicate with you. We wish to tell you that there is what may be “membrane” that encompasses every reality. Yes, there are many realities that are birthing within this NOW of your planetary transition from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

“As it is for the greatest, it is for the least!” Therefore, just as each of your physical organs is encompassed by a membrane (skin around each organ), each person, planet, solar system and galaxy is Continue reading

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Lady Nada: What Would Love Do?

146982284019888Greetings, Beloveds. I AM Lady Nada and I come forth into your consciousness, illuminating your Pure Love Essence that is at your core. I reflect and illuminate this immense potential you have to allow Divine Love to be at the core of everything you do, say and think.

As you expand your Beingness, as you accept the pure LoveLight that catalyzes and sparks your pure crystalline nature, and as your energy unleashes all the potential you have in your DNA, you awaken to more Beauty, and Joy and Grace than you have ever thought possible. Continue reading

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The Council: Break The Chain

147302527598636Once again we return to an important topic in order to approach it from a perhaps unthought of perspective. Please understand that one of the reasons we do this is that as we address each of these topics over and over, you, having grown on your understanding, will bring more to the topic and therefor take more away.

For thousands of years you have been carefully taught to place or accept the control of your lives in things, in institutions, and in people that are outside of you. You did not realize what was happening. You did Continue reading

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Pleiadian High Council Of Seven: Past Life Memories

output_bqU4zd“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

You have created a large storage of memories from all of your various lifetimes as human and as other expressions of Source Energy. The memories themselves have lives of their own. You access those memories in your now moments Continue reading

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Mysterious Flashes Discovered Beyond Milky Way

5808f2b8c36188e9048b46c9Strange X-ray emissions have been discovered in two galaxies and researchers can’t explain what’s causing them.

The “massive flares of energy in X-ray binary stars” were discovered by University of Alabama physics undergraduate students under instruction from professor Jimmy Irwin. He told them to look for examples of X-ray emissions from galaxies beyond the Milky Way in old Chandra and XMM-Newton telescope data. Continue reading

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Pleiadian Teachings Part 2

pleiadesYour physical body exists as a frequency device. You think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals. You translate these signals as meaningful life through a physical body by eating, experiencing, using your senses, having sex – all those kinds of things.

This is how you interpret the meaning of your electromagnetic signals, which are actually experienced by you as impulses. From outside Continue reading

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Sananda: It Is Up To The Lightworkers To Show The Way

I am “Sananda”. You may have already guessed. I was the one who guided you, somewhat, in this experience. (referring to our guided meditation just completed)

We continue to bring about the changes that are just in front of you and within you at this time now. And we wish for you all to know there has never been a separation. Never has been, never will. Separation is only in your mind. It is a programming technique that Continue reading

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Q & A by KejRaj: The Event, ET’s, RV/GCR

147483740665260Greetings Friends! These are questions I have received from readers via email. Please understand that the answers are from my perspective, my point of view. For all truth resides within your heart. Creation is a reflection of your innermost self.

Q: What is the godhead, is it a separate entity from the rest of the Universe?

A: The Godhead is THE HIGHEST aspect of YOU. Continue reading

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New You is Undefinable

new-imageDear Ones, It’s time to use your new skills developed as a result of discovering more about new you.

Even though many of you remain in disbelief that you are any different from that which was true five years or even one month ago, such is an accurate assessment of who you now are.

Perhaps you do not feel that difference for a variety of reasons – most notably that new you is the CEO of your totality. So new you Continue reading

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Merging Dimensions and Timelines

257751760As we are starting to experience more and more facets of our Multi-Dimensional Self through the Solar Christ consciousness, we abide in a cycle of revelations which are being enhanced through the genetics of our immortal Being. Immortality becomes a huge part of our consciousness and awareness now because it has been ingrained within our DNA. And this part of the DNA – which has been called Junk DNA by our Scientists – is indeed awakening and activating Multi-Dimensional experiences and awareness. Continue reading

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Montague Keen: Stand Together

wpd4bc9436_06I have asked many times that you stand together against those who want to destroy you and to remove you from the Earth which they want for themselves. You still allow yourselves to get caught up in the scams that are designed to trap and enslave you. Please wake up before all is lost. I ask that you look with open minds at this video that shows just how you are conned into killing each other. This is carrying out the work of the Cabal. Is this what you want ? Continue reading

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Microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other EMF signals linked to headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more

275678189The plethora of “smart” devices on the market today is making life more convenient and communications more streamlined. But some of the latest research hitting the science journals suggests that these everyday consumer products — everything from ordinary microwave ovens and smartphones to advanced Wi-Fi routers and radioactive “smart” meters are Continue reading

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Zap/Poofness 10/19/2016




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Pleiadian Teachings Part 1

pleiadesYou think you are flesh and bone when in actuality you are a combination of intelligent electromagnetic signals.

The evolution that you are now going through involves the process of building and integrating a light body. Your light body must be tempered, exercised, and stretched to gently bring it into its own awareness. Clarity concerning who you intend to be in your reality is one of the prime keys in building your Continue reading

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