Ashtar: Taking Responsibility for the Future of the Earth

ashtarLet the peace in your heart and soul develop igniting a space of pure truth within your being. I am Commander Ashtar; I oversee the members of the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters, known as the Airborne Ascended Masters because they travel throughout the Universe of the Creator upon a spaceship being of service. I am Commander of the spaceship and overseer of the work of the Ascended Masters dedicated to this service. It is our mission to be in tune with the divine inspiration and guidance of the Creator, so we may understand where within the Creator’s universe the most tremendous Continue reading

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How Foods You Prepare for Your Kids Impact Their Mental Health and Focus

Two smiling kids mixing saladJust the word “teenager” conjures up images of young people laughing and devouring food. Adolescents seem to have voracious appetites, and parents sometimes refer to them as “bottomless pits” when it comes to food consumption. While it’s tempting to keep convenient foods on hand that they can grab on the go, those foods might not give them the fuel that they need for proper mental function. Instead, they need a balance of fats, proteins, amino acids and other essential nutrients in order to focus on their school work. Continue reading

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Our God-Self: Your Immortal Essence

nsunature6MY BELOVEDS.

One day your body will die.

Your body will dissolve back into its elements. It provided you with an experience in this realm of intense density, with the illusion of separation and duality and therefore of the lower mind and lower emotions.

During these times you forgot your Pure Immortal Essence, which is not just a spark but a concentration of My Existence itself. Continue reading

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One Who Serves, Lady Nada and Ashira: Everything Is Happening On A Divine Timetable

vbn“One Who Serves”
Greetings! How is everybody?

As you are continuing to follow the guidance that is given, the wee spot of small whisper that comes to you, as you continue to do this your lives will evolve in the direction they ae meant to be. If you allow this, go with the flow as we have been speaking of many, many times. Go with the flow in so many different ways, you will find that you are exactly where you need to be in any given moment. Continue reading

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Message From Mother Gaia through Star Blossom

147464310297779Cures Await

The office, the clinic, the center
has trees for walls,
and blue sky ceiling,
to dance under.
It has birds to realign heart. Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey 9/22/2016

et-contactAll over the world there are confrontations and battles as the dark Forces try to stem the losses they are experiencing. It will be to no avail as their power is becoming fragmented and they are losing control of the outcome of events. Their days are numbered as their leaders are no longer able to command their supporters to achieve the outcome they planned. The end of their power and influence is in sight and there is nothing they can do to change the outcome Continue reading

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Intel SITREP 9/22/2016

sitrep-logo-e1452711158943-300x125Good afternoon currency community,

Ok, here’s what we know after last nights intel drop…

The final military special forces ops and ghost tactical sweeps have begun, we are hearing the mission is casually being called “Operation Catch & Release” for obvious reasons. This sweep includes corporate bad actors of the cabal Continue reading

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Message from Lady Nada: The Vastness of your Divine Love Essence


Let us speak today of your soul embodiment and reality as you see it. You are beginning to understand that your reality is a composite of your earthly experiences and emotions. However, these have just been a bridge to your greater understanding of your True Self.

Seeing what you have been through as a stepping stone to your higher consciousness way of being is the purpose of your sojourn here on earth. Continue reading

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The Team: Matrix of Unlimited Time

hqdefaultWe are here, honored to be offering these insights and perhaps a shift in your perspective of the reality with which you interface. We know you as expanded multidimensional beings, focused within the hologame/hologram of limitations.

You are here in this dimension to experience what is offered and to transform all limitations that you encounter. Continue reading

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Another Obama casualty: The death of trust for police

police-stateAmong the various things Barack Obama, as president, has destroyed – the Constitution, the rule of law, government of, for and by the people – count the institution of policing as well.

True, Obama has been targeting local police departments for some time, practically since his first days in office when he complained about a Cambridge, Mass., officer who arrested his friend, Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates, because he thought he was breaking into Continue reading

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8 Reasons to Drink Carrot Juice Everyday! How to Prepare it!

24-amazing-benefits-of-carrot-juiceCarrots have been a part of the human diet for centuries, and even today due to their low cost, long storage life, and numerous health benefits. It is a rich source of vitamin A, phytochemicals, vitamin C and fiber. A cup of carrot juice contain 100 calories and it is for overall health specially organs like the skin, eyes Continue reading

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Zap/Poofness 9/22/2016

poof-text-with-comic-effect_1823171HI ALL


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The Week of Love! Jupiter in Libra Conjunct the Sun

week-of-loveThe week of Love starts today! 22nd September.

So, I am officially calling the week between the 22nd and the 30th September the “Week of Love”

On the 22nd September the Sun enters Libra and conjuncts Jupiter (the planet of good vibes, luck and fortune) in Venus ruled Libra (love, harmony)and reaches a peak on the 30th September when the New moon in Libra conjuncts both the Sun and Jupiter, lasting into the first week Continue reading

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Archangel Gabriel: Daily Message 9/22/2016

gabrielDo you see how much the universe loves and serves you? After so much turbulence as you went through the energetic corridor created by the recent eclipses, you are now presented with a day that locks in your progress and offers the energies of balance and harvest.

You are never given more than you can handle, nor does any energy last one second longer than what is required to assist you on your path of evolution and expansion. You have now integrated energies that are unprecedented on your planet and would have been Continue reading

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Read Our ABOUT Section

This goes to all our subscribers/followers and all who wish to subscribe/follow us, please read the ABOUT section, specifically the ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS part.

Thank You!

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Luna: Awake To The New Way

poolofmu-jeanlucEarthlings awake.
Awake to the new way.
A new day that calls for peace.
The sacred moment holds with focus a way of transformation. Bear witness to the sacred breath that holds answers. Walk in the tides of change, that all are ready for and responsible to create. Stand in your divinity to embrace sisters, brothers, the animal kingdoms, Mother Nature and beings of light Continue reading

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The Pleiadian High Council of Seven: A Mass Awakening

output_bqU4zd“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

The occurrence of a phenomenon on your world is worth getting excited about. The occurrence of several phenomena is the start of a movement. It is a sign of an evolution of consciousness. You’re going to experience anomalies, outrageous events that are inexplicable to your logical minds. You are going to see things that you Continue reading

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Montague Keen: September 18, 2016

wpd4bc9436_06As the corrupt struggle to hold on to power on Earth, the evidence of their struggle becomes more evident every day. Those who have ruled with a rod of iron, every aspect of your lives, can now be seen as the criminals they actually are. Now, they fear for their own survival. This was never part of their Grand Plan. You know that they cannot survive on Earth without your assistance. The moment you withdraw that assistance, all your problems will cease at once. Their crimes against humanity will have to be answered for. Continue reading

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A Message to Lightworkers – Sept 21, 2016

catching-starsThis week’s channeling answers two questions from a reader, who asks:

First question: There are people who are so engulfed in the 3D illusion, that they cling to it with their very essence.

What options do they get when it comes to reincarnating? Some will not want a 5D experience. Continue reading

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Replacing The U.S. Dollar with an SDR Note “Remains the Overriding Vision”

very_rare_old_us_dollar_bills_06The Epoch Times recently published their follow up to the G20 Meeting held in early September in China. It is interesting to note how their reporting dramatically differs from the, typical, Western media reporting. Had a person followed only Western media outlets for reporting on the G20 meeting one would have come away with the sense the only thing accomplished was Obama and Russian President Putin facing off in a stare down Continue reading

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