Energy Update

galactic-fed-of-lightWe are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future to assist you on your path.

Dear Ones, as you are adjusting to the new energies of your reality, we wish to bring forth some insight to what is taking place at this Continue reading

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Ohmnipure: What Are You Waiting For?

ohmnipureThere is a time coming in all people’s lives when they will ask themselves, what am I waiting for? I am supposed to be waiting for what someone else can bring me. Or am I supposed to be bringing what I want to my life, even if it is in stages. Perhaps I can learn through the stages and get so much more out of them. Continue reading

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The Arcturians: The Myth of Protection

147483740665260Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

Protecting yourself from forces, energy, entities, or even physical beings is a trap. It is a trap for several reasons. You are not and you never have been victims of anything or anyone. Nothing exists outside of you, and everything is your Continue reading

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Shadow and Light: Uranus Trine Saturn and Coming Pyramid of Light

unnamedThis past week I had to look at my deepest priorities – at what truly inspires me to the core of my being vs. my shadow tendencies. I spent a lot of time communing with my guides, angels while gazing out at ever-changing Caribbean Sea and changing sky outside my villa in Belize… Continue reading

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Archangel Metatron: Keep the Light Strong

147406596028576I greet you, this is Metatron of the Light!

I come because there is much disturbance on the planet now, emotional disturbance, that runs very high. We are seeing how this propagates and seems to become larger in its propagation, when in fact, it is not large. Continue reading

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20 Seconds Of Laughter, 20 Years Of Therapy

laugh-001*Lightworkers job

How many Ascended Masters does it take to change a light bulb?

None; That’s the lightworkers job. Continue reading

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Celestial White Beings: Emotional and Mental Maturity

celestial-white-beingsWe are the Celestial White Beings, labelled so due to the pure celestial white light we emanate from the core of our being and source. We have been overseeing and supporting the ascension of the Earth and humanity since its creation. We add our energy to every transition taking place upon the Earth and within each soul. It is our purpose to create and reactivate the vibration and perspective of bliss within each soul. When the vibration of bliss manifests, with no Continue reading

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The Arcturians: Open Contact with E.T.s

147483740665260“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There was a time in your history where you played with extra-terrestrial beings, openly. You have had open physical contact with extra-terrestrials, and it started millions of years ago. We are telling you this because you need to know that the activity with extra Continue reading

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Your Body Needs These Minerals if You Crave These Kinds of Junk Food

fruit-vegetable-heart-23560151Most folks don’t realize that mineral deficiencies make them crave junk food. They’re only aware of the common causes of food cravings like hunger, food addiction and low blood glucose levels.

If your cravings don’t end after eating the foods you crave, you may have mineral deficiencies. And different deficiencies trigger cravings Continue reading

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December 2016 Monthly Forecast

456786543This month is all about turning our focus away from anger, blame, self-judgment, hopelessness, frustration, fear and worry. These are all attitudes and emotions that belong to a lower vibration and they do not serve us at this time. We need to be turning ourselves in the direction of the higher vibration of COMPASSION if we are to be effective in our lives, with ourselves and with others.

The definition of COMPASSION is: “Sympathetic consciousness of others’ (or personal) distress together with a desire to alleviate it.” Continue reading

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Archangel Michael: The Fiery Forces of Creation Are Sweeping Earth

3465478Beloved masters, remember this termMembranes Of Light, for it is important that this concept is clearly defined within your mind.

There were membranes of Light placed across your memory when you began your journey into the illusionary realities of the Third/Fourth Dimensions. There were membranes of Light placed at the entryway to your Sacred Mind and to your Sacred Continue reading

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Mike Quinsey 12/2/2016

147403459048849Clearly the sooner the announcement is made confirming the currency changes the better, and so relieve the tension and concern of those who wait for much needed funds. Good news always spreads quickly but there are always the doubters who are reluctant to believe that such changes are possible. There are many more surprises waiting to be introduced and they are all part of the plan to quickly introduce you to the New Age. The old ways have Continue reading

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Angelic Guides: Time is malleable: How to create more time

5919875Today we would like to focus your attention on the illusion of time in your reality. Many of you have lived your whole lives allowing “time” to dictate your every day. But know that time is manmade, it isn’t “real” it is an illusion. Many of you are experiencing time warps as you begin to play more deliberately with time. You will notice that there are times where you experience a rapid passing of” time”; you often wonder where all the “time went”. There are other times where it may feel as though “time” has literally stopped. This contrast in the experience of time will become more evident as you begin to deliberately create time Continue reading

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Master Kuthumi: It Is Time

kuthumiBeloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love. We, the ascended Masters have agreed that we will all use this statement at the beginning of our messages. There is much that is afoot upon your planet. Many changes are occurring to all the old systems of operation. There is a great need for this to occur, for as you all know, there is much that is outdated and is not in tune with the higher frequencies that we are now in the midst of. And so we ask that you remain aware and vigilant, that you listen to the voice of reason Continue reading

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Council of Radiant Light: A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom

147302527598636Greetings, Divine Ones,

Today we want to play with words. We want to play with words in a way that we hope will give you a glimpse of a very useful insight. Today we want to offer an idea about what is happening and how it is going on in your world and your life. We think this might benefit you in more fully grasping the reins of your power and, therefore, your capacity. Continue reading

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The Forces of Consciousness and How You Function Through Them

5th-dimensional-creationThe questions about the economy and all that is taking place with the many upheavals appear very differently through the higher dimensions.

If you would imagine a two tiered consciousness system. Even though it is much more than that. Continue reading

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11 Health Benefits of Onions

cebollaOnions are native to Asia and The Middle East. Onion is the most cultivated species of the genus Allium, and the cultivation goes back to over 5000 years. It has also been used in traditional medicines since ancient times for its health promoting and curative properties.

The flavonoids in onion, which are responsible for many of the health benefits, are usually more concentrated in the outer layers of the bulb. Continue reading

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enchant13Greetings All!

Anyone from Michigan or Virginia here? It’s been a few years since I’ve been wanting to relocate. At least to a different state if not a different country. Currently I reside in the state of Continue reading

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Tips for Riding December’s Energy Wave

event_160440072After this year of relentless changes, intensity and turmoil, December will roll in with a continuation of these themes but also with the potential to find your center before 2017 begins. Set your intention now to do what you can to calm frayed nerves, get fresh perspectives, repair relationship discord, and find a new inspiration for Continue reading

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Astrology for 2017

moon-calendar-poster-2017-lunar-calendar-astrology-paganA 10 year (2+0+1+7). In numerology this is the number of rise or fall depending on the choices of the individual. More than ever is it essential that we stand in honor, integrity and power. Where our thoughts go, so does our reality. The wheel of fortune will be turning and each will reap the rewards of his/her work, or have to face the consequences of not having taken conscious responsibility for his/her inner growth. No freebees this year. New beginnings as well as amazing synchronicities and miracles await those who have truly walked their talk and are in real alignment Continue reading

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Archangel Gabriel: Focus Now

gabrielSo many of you wait to get clarity about what you would like to create until it is time to make new years resolutions. But if you are looking for some extra energetic support, it would be far wiser to make those intentions and changes before the winter solstice. You see, solstices serve as “save points” where the energy and progress gets locked in. Harnessing that energy to support the changes you wish to make will make it far easier to be successful Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford Report 12/1/2016

benjamin_fulford_3There can be no doubt the United States is in the throes of a revolution. As a part of this, US military sources say “44 wildfires in the Southern states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina smoked out underground cabalists,” making it clear a real purge is ongoing.

The Pentagon sources are also saying “another cabal spacecraft escaping earth was shot down over Florida on November 21st.” Yet a further cabal spacecraft was shot down off the coast of Continue reading

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CIA director: Agents dictate fake news to manipulate Americans

fake-news-federal-government-king-270x141A CIA director admitted to the U.S. senate back in 1975 that 400 agents dictated fake news to manipulate Americans for the rogue state empire. CIA Director Colby’s testimony to the U.S. Senate for the 1975 Church Committee, admitted that the CIA directs corporate media in how to lie to the American public. The collusion between the government and the media is a well-documented, yet Continue reading

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Calm your anxiety and stress with these 10 natural herbs

670px-be-calm-step-13Anxiety and other stress-related issues are on the rise in the United States. Anxiety disorders affect 40 million American adults, which is about one-fifth of the country’s total population. Each year, millions of prescriptions are written for anti-anxiety drugs such as Valium, Xanax, and Tranxene (benzodiazepines). They are the most commonly prescribed medicines which account for almost one-third of the total Continue reading

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Zap/Poofness 11/30/2016

zapZAP SAYS: Hi All,

It is done. After some very long days, a few with no sleep, the final schedule has been set. I am a bit bleary eyed right now but very bushy tailed. Working with the authorities and the governments, not only has the bank been forced to do what it is supposed to do in the first place, but the future concessions have been hammered out and agreed to. The biggest plus for them was that no further action would take place against them to deny them expansion capability into certain geographic regions which means huge revenue. The ones arrested, remain arrested. No leniency there. Continue reading

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This Is Your Time To Shine My Friends

tumblr_nvwiyu64tw1sofkn4o1_1280“Lady Nada”
I am “Lady Nada”. We hope that this was a wonderful trip for you and that you experienced healing. Healing of love, of wonder, of feeling. We hope that you were able to connect with that one who was with you at all times. With that one who is walking this path with you. Continue reading

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The Collective: Current Events

257751760Beloved Ones,

It is our great pleasure to see so many of you rising to the need of the times to stand for your beliefs and thereby live your truth. We would say this to any one of you even as one’s ideas oppose another. We do not recommend that you act on ideas that are counter to your intrinsic values. By this we mean, if you are encouraged to show up to support something that you do not believe in, your showing up is actually detrimental to you and to the cause Continue reading

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Archangel Zadkiel: Opening Your Spirit to Unconditional Love

zadkielBlessings, I am Archangel Zadkiel,

I come to you today through your Third Eye and High Heart to remind you all that your Third Eye and High Heart can identify and see through EVERY third dimensional “false flag” and “projected illusion.”

As the Dark Ones become increasingly desperate, they will stop at nothing to maintain the Power Over Others that Continue reading

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Montague Keen: Use Your Intelligence

wpd4bc9436_06The Cabal is playing games with the minds of men. They do enjoy seeing you turn on each other. This is how they have always controlled you . . . it works ! Use your intelligence: who owns the MEDIA, all of it ! How can you fall for their lies every time ? They take a sentence, and just by changing one word, its meaning is completely altered. But like sheep, you all accept the Cabal lies. You are being played. The more stress, confusion, and distrust they cause, the more you lock yourselves into their control. They are the experts in this field. You are only just awakening to it. Check every statement for yourself, then decide what Continue reading

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