Download: iOS 12.1 Beta 3 Released For iPhone And iPad

Download: iOS 12.1 Beta 3 Released For iPhone And iPad

iOS 12.0.1 fixes a major charging issue experienced by owners of the company's latest devices, where the Lightning charging cable was not recognised when the display was off.

iOS 12.1 beta 3 comes one week after Apple seeded the last beta build to developers.

Apple issued a critical update to iOS 12 today that fixes several bugs plaguing iPhone XS and XS Max devices since their initial release.

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The bug seemed to impact iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models, though not all 2018 handsets were affected.

Resolves an issue that could cause iPhone XS devices to rejoin a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz.

"It will also restore the original position of the "?123" keys on the iPad keyboard.

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The new software also tackles a WiFi annoyance that some users had been reporting.

Other changes described in Apple's update notes include a fix for missing subtitles in "some video apps", and a fix for "unavailable" Bluetooth, although neither of those problems have garnered as much attention as the two above.

It's worth noting that most of these bugs have been fixed in beta versions of iOS 12.1, though Apple has made a decision to squash them with a public release instead of waiting for that OS update to drop.

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The update should be available to all users now, and users who have Automatic Updates enabled-a new feature in iOS 12-should receive the update overnight if their devices are connected to Wi-Fi and connected to a power source.

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