No Columbus Day in Columbus, Ohio: What the city is doing instead

No Columbus Day in Columbus, Ohio: What the city is doing instead

Organizers of the 39-year-old Columbus Italian Festival, traditionally held on Columbus Day weekend, were not given advance notice of the city's decision, said board member Joseph Contino.

"On Columbus Day, we commemorate the achievements of this skilled Italian explorer and recognize his courage, willpower, and ambition - all values we cherish as Americans", Trump wrote. Ohio's capital city, population 860,000, will be open for business Monday after observing Columbus Day probably "for as long as it had been in existence", said Robin Davis, a spokeswoman for Democratic Mayor Andrew Ginther. The exception is bond trading, which pauses for the day. But numerous cities and states have ditched celebrating it since 1992, when Berkeley, Calif., became the first city to rename the holiday "Indigenous Peoples Day" in favor of recognizing Native Americans.

"Columbus Day is a relic of an outdated and oversimplified version of history", the mayor wrote when announcing the decision last month.

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But this federal holiday ― and the monuments that celebrate Columbus as an uncomplicated hero ― must go. South Dakota instead celebrates Native American Day and Hawaii celebrates Discoverers' Day.

Basically, it's hard to tell if banks, post offices, schools, and the stock market are open or closed on Columbus Day.

Additional banks open for the holiday include American Chartered Bank, First Merchants Bank, Hancock Bank, American National Bank, Fulton Bank, American Savings Bank, Metro Bank, Northfield Bank, U.S. Bank, Valley National Bank, Union First Market Bank, Intrust Bank, Webster Bank, Whitney Bank, and ValueBank Texas.

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The choice to honor indigenous people on the overlapping federal holiday is not a coincidence, the mayor of Tacoma, Washington, Victoria Woodards, has said, while noting the city's efforts to engender better relations with the area's Puyallup Nation people.

In Columbus, the explorer had been a point of pride in the 19th century and into the 20th, when three statues were erected in his honor over the decades. We took red crayons to the crusader flag, never realizing then that it was the same color as the blood our ancestors shed during colonization at the hands of Columbus and his Spanish conquistadors.

In fact, Columbus, Ohio, has no real connection to the man himself. Many libraries shut down for Columbus Day, while national parks remain open. But the connection, or lack thereof, to the city's name remains unclear.

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Alaska just made the switch to Indigenous Peoples' Day a year ago, and cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and Ithaca, New York, have done the same. It is celebrated the second Monday in October. The Columbus Day Italian Parade still continued as usual Sunday.

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