S.B. 100: California clean energy bill is now law

S.B. 100: California clean energy bill is now law

California would set a goal of phasing out all fossil fuels from the state's electricity sector by 2045 under legislation signed by Gov.

Brown, who signed the bill amid a huddle of environmental and legislative leaders, also issued an executive order pushing the state to reduce its net output of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - including from the single largest source, cars and trucks - to zero by the same 2045 deadline.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed a bill requiring that 100% of California's electricity be generated by renewables like wind and solar by 2045. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday that aims to eliminate fossil fuel use for electricity by 2045 and serves as a rebuke to US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

This action comes days before grassroots activists, mayors, governors, heads of industry and worldwide leaders convene in San Francisco for the express goal of mobilizing climate action at the Global Climate Action Summit.

"The state's other power plants, like natural gas and nuclear, aren't as flexible as they need to be to handle those ups and downs".

The legislation also increases the state's clean energy goals from 50 percent to 60 percent by 2030.

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As Mexico, Canada, and other US states seek to lower emissions, North America will continue to be one of the largest energy storage markets in the world for many years.

But Brown cautioned that reducing emissions enough to meet the Paris goal of capping global warming below two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) remains a daunting task.

"We all have the opportunity and the obligation to do our part to combat climate change", he told AFP hours after signing the bill into law.

Brown also says moving toward a regional electric grid is critical to California meeting its goals.

"California is committed to doing whatever is necessary to meet the existential threat of climate change", the Governor declared.

Critics have argued that the bill is unrealistic and will compound the state's problems with rolling brownouts and high energy prices.

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EZRA DAVID ROMERO, BYLINE: The law requires the state to gradually collect all its electricity from clean sources like hydropower, solar and wind.

JERRY BROWN: California has been doing stuff most of the world is just hoping they might get to someday.

Now, as the state fights a battle against the EPA and the Trump administration to maintain its ability to lead the nation in clean cars, the California Legislature has passed a new plan to radically clean up power plants.

California already gets a substantial portion of its electricity from renewable resources.

The political reality slowing the transition to a global economy powered by clean energy rather than fossil fuels resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC and has dismissed climate change a hoax. Democratic State Senator Kevin de Leon wrote the bill.

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