Canada trade talks end in deadlock, to resume next week

Canada trade talks end in deadlock, to resume next week

But they have to treat us fairly. Talks are also hung up on US demand to eliminate dispute-resolution panels that Ottawa considers essential, two Canadian officials said Friday.

"Here's the problem. If I say no, the answer's no". The U.S. wanted to trigger the countdown soon enough so that the deal could be signed by outgoing Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who will be succeeded by left-wing populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the beginning of December.

If a new NAFTA were to eliminate Canada's protectionist supply management system - something Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vigorously opposed - prices of dairy products would fall under the pressure of increased competition from south of the border, Lilly explained. And when jobs leave the United States, they typically go to nations with cheaper pay such as Mexico and China, not to Canada, which has about the same median household income as in the United States.

"Look at the amount of protectionist measures introduced by the the last couple years", said Brian Kingston, a vice president at the Business Council of Canada. She's a politician. Though bright and well educated, Freeland's life experience was as a journalist before becoming Trudeau's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Are there reasons for Canada to compromise?

If he can get Canada on board with his NAFTA plan by the end of September, he will have taken a major step toward a top economic promise from his campaign. "We're not there yet". -Canada negotiations had initially generated hopeful signals from both camps that a deal could be struck by the end of the week - but hard discussions about dairy and dispute settlement persisted. "It may be by Friday or it may be within a period of time, but ultimately they have no choice", Trump said Thursday in an interview with Bloomberg in Washington as bargainers struggled to resolve critical issues. "I simply don't think this is a protection we can give away, just like the U.S. would not want us to give up protection is the Canadian market for well-known USA brands (including ones like Budweiser that the Europeans wanted control of, because it's named after a place in the Czech Republic, but we refused)".

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said in a statement: "The Canadian and American negotiators continue to work on reaching a win-win deal that benefits both countries".

Freeland has declined to comment on the specific issues, but news reports suggest talks remain hung up on the dispute settlement procedures in Chapter 19.

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The comments stirred Canadian fear that Americans are not negotiating in good faith, and a Canadian source told AFP that Ottawa voiced disapproval to Lighthizer.

The two countries had held a series of meetings over four days to try to hammer out their differences on a new North American Free Trade Agreement.

Using the mechanism has helped the USA agriculture sector, especially, in combating duties imposed by Mexico, one of industry's biggest export markets. As well, American media is reporting that the White House would face stiff resistance from pro-NAFTA congressional Republicans if Trump tried to shrink the trade pact to a U.S. -Mexico deal.

Trump said he will sign a bilateral agreement with Mexico in 90 days, which Canada can join "if it is willing". Talks of some kind with Canada are likely to stretch into September even if the preliminary agreement is announced Friday.

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