Mars closest to earth today after 15 years

Mars closest to earth today after 15 years

We should be able to see Mars till September but it will appear smaller each passing day as it leaves the orbit closer to the Earth.

The Red Planet hasn't been this close to us - a mere 54.6 million kilometres away - since 2003, and its orbit won't bring it this close again for another 15 years or so. Hubble was used to observe the planet on June 6, 2018, when Saturn was only approximately 1.36 billion miles from Earth, almost as close to us as it ever gets.

The modular pods will be printed from a substance the team calls "Martian concrete", which is composed of ice, rocks, and soil found on Mars' surface. Find that orangey-red circle in the sky that looks bigger and brighter than usual. Small, mid-latitude puffs of clouds are also visible.

If you missed it, don't believe any insane stories you may hear about its apparent size. The Mars will be closer to the Earth the next in 2020.

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The two planets will be just 35.8 million miles (57.6 million kilometers) apart on Tuesday.

"If it's cloudy, we can not really use our telescopes to look at Mars".

The best view of Mars happened early Tuesday morning, but you can still see it Tuesday night, from anywhere in the world, if you simply look up. Yes, you can share in the excitement by watching online or at local star-viewing parties.

We may never see the red planet so near for another 269 years. This allows scientists to gain more new information about celestial bodies of the Solar system. In fact, Aldrin spoke passionately in the webcast about a future hope to first return to the moon, and then Mars.

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While getting and living on Mars might be a dream of many, I think we need to concentrate more first on getting back to the moon.

Aldrin added that reaching these ambitious goals will require innovation, and he hopes that he can "inspire the next generation" to take these massive steps.

The Griffith live stream was accompanied by the Observatory's astronomy experts who were on hand to guide the viewers through the event. Mars will still be visible in the night sky for the next few months. Because of the close proximity, the planet also appears brightest in the sky. Generally, the minimum distance from Mars to Earth is 55.7 million km whereas maximum distance planet Mars can be away from Earth is 401.3 Million Km.

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