Trump tweets Iranian hardliner's unsubstantiated claim about Obama

Trump tweets Iranian hardliner's unsubstantiated claim about Obama

Iran threatened retaliation against regional oil producers in the event that its revenue from export sales collapses as a result of USA sanctions pressure.

Zolnour, a conservative Muslim who is in the inner circle of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that anywhere from 30 to 60 Iranian youth - whose parents serve with the Iranian government - now living while studying in the U.S.

"When Obama, during the negotiations about the JCPOA, chose to do a favor to these men, he granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians and some officials started a competition over whose children could be part of these 2,500 Iranians", Zolnour said, according to a translation by Fox News.

He claimed the citizenship status was conferred as a favor to senior Iranian officials linked to President Hassan Rouhani during negotiations for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - otherwise known as the Iran Deal.

But Mr Trump may be in no hurry to embark on negotiations that might bolster Iranian clerical leaders.

Since President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw in May, calling the agreement deeply flawed, European states have been scrambling to ensure Iran gets enough economic benefits to persuade it to maintain the nuclear curbs required in the deal.

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Now, Washington is stepping up pressure on all countries, including India and China, to completely stop buying oil from Iran by November 4. By comparison, Iran is the bloc's 66th biggest trading partner with less than $24 billion of goods exchanging hands, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Over 13,100 people born in Iran received green cards in 2015 and another almost 13,300 in 2016, according to the Department for Homeland Security data. The U.S. accuses Iran of violating the accord's spirit through destabilizing activities the Middle East. There were 11,623 new USA citizens born in Iran in 2013; 9,620 in 2014; 10,344 in 2015; and 9,507 in 2016.

Trump also said he would reinstate United States nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose "the highest level" of economic bans on the Islamic Republic.

"Iranians don't understand why the US government allows the offspring of the regime officials to live in the USA, while the USA has introduced a travel ban for ordinary Iranian citizens, and many Americans are imprisoned in Iran", Ghasseminejad added.

There have already been calls from some Iranians for the children of the elite to be deported home.

Three days of protests broke out on June 24 in Tehran's Grand Bazaar, with hundreds of angry shopkeepers denouncing a sharp fall in the value of the Iranian currency.

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Already French companies Total and Peugeot, for example, have said they will pull out of Iran rather than risk being shut out of the U.S. financial system, as Washington threatens to use the dollar's reserve currency status to punish anyone who gets in the way of its ramped-up Iran policy.

"Rouhani has warned the country that it faces an "economic war" with the US, but analysts have warned that hard-liners are likely behind the protests seeking to challenge the more moderate president", Irvine explained. It's a high-stakes test of American leadership, the first of its kind for the Trump Administration's Iran strategy.

The period since the Iran deal came into force has not seen a significant recovery in either exports or imports.

Rouhani on Monday blasted the re-implementation of US sanctions on Iran, saying that the penalties had the greatest impact on Iranian citizens.

Addressing a joint economic forum in the presence of his Swiss counterpart, the Iranian president said Tehran has never carried out any measure against any country and would remain committed to worldwide regulations, including the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and boost cooperation with the global Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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