Tesla hits 5,000 Model 3 production target

Tesla hits 5,000 Model 3 production target

In the last seven days of Q2, Tesla produced 5,031 Model 3 and 1,913 Model S and X vehicles.

The accounts vary slightly: Elon Musk reportedly sent an internal email saying that Tesla hit the target of producing 5,000 Model 3 cars in a week.

In a very tangible sense, Tesla views its production line as a laboratory for untested techniques.

Indeed, Tesla had constructed a whole new General Assembly line, GA4, in a sizable tent facility outside of the factory.

What Musk still needs to prove is that this level of output can endure.

The new line was responsible for roughly 20 percent of Model 3s produced last week, Tesla said, and quality from the line is as good as their regular line.

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It's also a relief for customers who have waited for their cars for more than two years. In an effort to show sustainability/ improvement, company indicated 6k Model 3s/week expected late next month.

Mr Musk said in an email: "We did it!"

No standard automotive solution could be built in time, so we created a new solution.

Last week was special for Elon Musk and his electric vehicle company Tesla. Anonymous employees said Tesla went as far as staggering breaks to ensure the line never stopped moving.

Tesla has delivered a total of 28,386 Model 3 vehicles since its splashy event in July 2017 when CEO Elon Musk handed out the first vehicles to employees.

A production rate of 5,000 Model 3s per week is more than just a milestone for Tesla.

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"Reaching it is one thing", said Dave Sullivan, the product analysis manager at market research firm AutoPacific Inc. "Consistently producing 5,000 per week with outstanding quality is another".

Mr Tusk enthusiastic announcement prompted a tongue-in-cheek response from Steven Armstrong, chairman and chief executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Ford, the 115 year-old USA motor giant. However, the lower-priced model is considered crucial to ensuring Tesla becomes a mass market auto company competing with Ford and VW, rather than a more niche electric vehicle company competing with high-end manufacturers such as Porsche.

Q2 deliveries totaled 40,740 vehicles, of which 18,440 were Model 3, 10,930 were Model S, and 11,370 were Model X. As noted by Tesla, both orders and deliveries for the flagship luxury sedan and SUV were higher in Q2 than a year ago. The company even built a massive tent structure outside its main assembly line, building a supplementary line completely from salvaged parts, Musk said.

How crucial a role this additional line played in achieving this goal remains an unanswered question.

In June, Tesla announced it would lay off 9 percent of its workforce and close solar installation facilities in order to cut costs.

In April, the Center for Investigative Reporting detailed concerns about Tesla's Fremont factory conditions and underreported workplace injuries.

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