What You Should Know About The Supreme Court's Wedding Cake Decision (HBO)

What You Should Know About The Supreme Court's Wedding Cake Decision (HBO)

For the owner of the Masterpiece bakery, the ruling is unquestionably a victory. He declined to comment on the case to reporters waiting outside.

George Hefner was one of the many people who came to Masterpiece Cakeshop to congratulate Phillips.

The case pitted gay rights against religious liberty.

To celebrate, he bought a cherry cake from Masterpiece.

Jack Phillips, the cake shop owner, argued that he was protected by two clauses under the Constitution - free speech and free exercise.

Not all of Phillip's supporters were equally enthusiastic about the ruling, including Pastor Gino Geraci of Calvary South Denver, an evangelical church in Littleton.

Stephen Colbert perfectly lampooned the Supreme Court ruling in the anti-gay bakery case last night.

"Hopefully we'll look at what the court's ruling is, make sure that we're in compliance with that because we want to be good with that", he told an incredulous Steve Doocy.

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"We are going to see more things like that where people try to say well, it's because of my religion that I get to legally discriminate against you", Witt explained. But Kennedy's finding of bias in the Colorado commission's comments, which were not almost as extensive or emphatic as Trump's remarks about Muslims, suggests that he might apply the same logic to a case that will be decided within weeks of the cake one.

"People should have their rights", he said.

"Well, I think it's important that we be clear on this, that Mr. Phillips would not sell us anything for our wedding", Mullins said, "and as far as the example of the Halloween cake goes, you know, any human being could buy a Halloween cake, but only a same-sex couple needs a wedding for a so-called same-sex wedding".

At first, Craig said they were crushed.

Mullins and Craig said Phillips was using his Christian faith as pretext for unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Supreme Court has spoken, affirming that lawmakers have the power to stop anti-LGBT discrimination.

"We brought this case because no one should have to face the shame, embarrassment, and humiliation of being told that we don't serve your kind here that we faced and we will continue fighting until no one does", Mullins said.

"I don't discriminate against anybody", he said. "I would have handled it differently, but people should have their rights, especially business owners". The federal government has not expressly prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, health care, education and public accommodations, and states have been slow to fill that gap.

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Our disappointment with the result today is tempered by the fact that the Court again held that gay men and lesbians are entitled to full equality before the law.

With several similar legal skirmishes lining up in lower courtrooms around the country, ACLU lawyers are already gearing up for the next case.

The case's outcome hinged on the actions of the Colorado commission.

Legal director for the Transgender Law Center Flor Bermudez said that, in hinging its decision on Phillips' treatment by the commission, the court missed an opportunity to unequivocally state that anti-discrimination laws should be enforced as written.

Gov. John Hickenlooper and Democratic Rep. Diana DeGette joined a few dozen people to encourage them to keep fighting. If not, he'll surely be accused of applying different standards to religious bias against a single Christian baker and against a much larger group of Muslims.

"I think even if there was a narrow win today it would have been a loss (for the LGBTQ community)", resident Meredith Kee said.

Mullins and Craig were planning their wedding in MA in 2012 and wanted the cake for a reception in Colorado, where gay marriage was not yet legal.

"It's a poor substitute but it's the best I can do", DeGette said.

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