Taiwan Loses Second Ally in a Month Amid China Pressure

Taiwan Loses Second Ally in a Month Amid China Pressure

"We welcome Burkina Faso to join the family of China-Africa friendship and cooperation at an early stage, based on the "one China" principle", it said in a statement.

China increased diplomatic pressure on Taiwan on Saturday by urging the self-ruled island's last African ally, Swaziland, to align with Beijing as Burkina Faso re-established Chinese ties.

Washington has maintained a delicate diplomatic balance since 1979, recognizing Beijing's sovereignty as part of its "One China" policy, while remaining Taiwan's most powerful unofficial ally and main weapons supplier.

"When we look at the rest of the world, every other country has the right to enter into diplomatic relations with other countries", Wu told NPR in an interview on Friday.

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The move had been widely expected after Burkina Faso defected from Taiwan, which has steadily lost ground in a decades-long diplomatic tug-of-war with China in developing countries.

Fighter jets were scrambled to shadow Chinese bombers flying over the self-governing island of Taiwan as Beijing sought to further the diplomatic isolation of a territory it views as a renegade province.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu confirmed the move at a briefing Thursday. Taipei also said it would end its assistance to the West African nation, halt all bilateral cooperative projects, and close its embassy there.

This is the second time Burkina has cut ties with Taiwan.

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China's hostility to Taiwan has grown since Tsai was elected president in 2016, who is from the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party. It last did so in 1973, before resuming relations with Taipei in 1994.

Tsai has lashed out at China's "crude behaviours" since Burkina Faso broke ties.

Whether it's dispatching fighter jets to circle Taiwan, luring away our diplomatic allies, forcing global corporations to change the name they use to refer to Taiwan, preventing Taiwan from participating in worldwide organizations including the World Health Organization, and even meddling in a private children's art activity in another country, China's suppression subjects Taiwan to blatant political interference.

China is hosting a summit of African leaders in September in Beijing, where it will likely offer new pledges of aid and preferential loans.

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Burkina is the fifth country to cut ties with Taiwan since Tsai came to office, following the Dominican Republic, Gambia, Sao Tome and Principe and Panama.

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