Schumer: Senate Judiciary's Russia Probe was a 'Whitewash'

Schumer: Senate Judiciary's Russia Probe was a 'Whitewash'

In a 250-page report, House Republicans said they came to "concurrence with the Intelligence Community Assessment's judgments, except with respect to Putin's supposed preference for candidate Trump".

"There is no doubt that Russian Federation undertook an unprecedented effort to interfere with our 2016 elections", the committee's Republican chairman, Senator Richard Burr, said in a joint statement with the committee's top Democrat after a closed hearing on the issue.

This marks the second of four interim findings the intelligence committee has said it will publicize before tackling the more consequential question of whether Trump and his associates colluded with Russian Federation to influence the election's outcome, allegations the president has denied and sought to discredit.

An attendee of the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting told congressional investigators he was "concerned" about discussing negative information about Hillary Clinton.

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr
Image Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr were both at the 2016 meeting

Goldstone fretted that by asking the Trumps to connect with the Russians, he'd be using up one of his favors with the well-heeled family.

Donald Trump Jr. told lawmakers during his testimony last September that he only recalled seven participants at the meeting, as opposed to the widely reported eight attendees cited by The Washington Post and other media outlets.

Officials asked if Goldstone tricked him into the meeting under "false pretenses", Trump, Jr., said, "I imagine there was an element of showmanship involved, yes".

Trump Jr.: I don't know.

Though the witnesses were not under oath, they were nonetheless required to tell Congress the truth. Noting that Trump Jr. also testified in the House Intelligence Committee, King said "there is nothing there" and the meeting lasted 20 minutes.

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Kushner did provide the panel with a 12-page statement, also released by Grassley.

So Trump Jr. didn't even know about the meetings between Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and senior adviser Jared Kushner? He testified that he was embarrassed and apologetic when she instead used the session to press her view that the sanctions imposed on Russian Federation for human rights abuses, known as the Magnitsky Act, should be lifted. The relatively cryptic notes appear to track with some of the details contained in a presentation that Veselnitskaya has given in an attempt to undermine the sanctions law. The New York meeting and the administration's initial response to reports of it have been a focus of the probe.

Donald Trump Jr. says he was "candid and forthright" in answering questions by the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Russian Federation investigation. "I never spoke with my father about it".

The transcripts provide a timeline of the days leading up to the meeting as well as misgivings about the appropriateness of a Russian lawyer meeting with a US presidential campaign.

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Trump Jr. initially agreed to the meeting because Goldstone said a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, Trump's election opponent. Seems we have some time and if it's what you say I love it especially later In the summer. "I do think they dropped the ball with respect to crediting the Steele dossier - I think it gave rise to a lot of rumors and gave rise to a lot of unverified information, which should not have been part of it".

Q. So you don't know whether or not this might have been your father?

Documents from the Russian Federation investigation involving potentially illegal actions from members of President Donald Trump's campaign (including his son Donald Trump Jr.) were released on Wednesday, which could spell trouble for the commander-in-chief.

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