Surface Hub 2 puts a cool new spin on Microsoft's digital whiteboard

Surface Hub 2 puts a cool new spin on Microsoft's digital whiteboard

Today, Microsoft is announcing its Surface Hub 2 with a bunch of new features to silence the competition once again. Ryan Day, a spokesman for the company, described the adjustment in the design as "shipping a TV, not a piano". Seeing four of the handsome Surface Hub 2s lined up together has undeniable visual effect and will have a profound impact on what groups can accomplish together, allowing users to display multiple pieces of content side-by-side, said Microsoft's Chief Product Officer Panos Panay. Although none of them look as slick and snazzy as Microsoft's new Surface Hub 2.

More information on Surface Hub 2 full specs, price range, and a release date is expected by 2019. Nevertheless, the first Hub was impressive, and the Hub 2 looks sharp as well. Microsoft has designed Surface Hub 2 for both productivity and creativity. The company couldn't even confirm if it will ship with a camera included. Surface Hub 2 takes the baby steps towards a multiple display thing.

Although Microsoft didn't talk about it, the new Surface Hub 2 will apparently include a new thumb-driven interface that can switch between various apps.

The product provides access to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10 and the intelligent cloud. I am not exactly sure what Microsoft considers to be a competitive device. It will have Wi-Fi. Microsoft says that there are 5,000 companies using Surface Hubs, including half of Fortune 100 companies. I think it's working.

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Like the first Hub, remote users will be able to connect to the Surface Hub 2 via other Surface devices and PCs.

One of the coolest features of the Surface Hub 2 is its "Tiling" ability.

"With Hub, people love the beautiful hardware but they loved the interaction and the value they got from getting out of their chairs", Day said. Anyone can use the hub without the need to log into the operating system itself. Each display can independently show content or spread content (a la video) across all four displays (if so equipped). One where unlocking the power of the team has never been more important. Far-field mics clearly pick up their conversations.

Surface Hub 2 will start heading out to customers later this year but only in a small pilot group.

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With this new hardware, we are also seeing Microsoft push the 'Microsoft 365′ branding as well.

So far, Microsoft is keeping pricing and technical details under wraps. And yet, Microsoft just announced a second version of the Surface Hub.

Microsoft is also introducing biometric login support with a fingerprint reader which is designed as a method of enabling two-factor authentication. We've sold to more than 5000 customers across 25 markets.

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