U.S. to push to isolate Venezuela until Maduro leaves power

U.S. to push to isolate Venezuela until Maduro leaves power

Pence previously has urged the worldwide community to increase pressure on Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who the United States blames for the deep recession and hyperinflation that has caused shortages of food and medicine and a flood of migrants into neighboring countries.

Venezuela's opposition last week called for a boycott of the May 20 election, which Maduro looks likely to win in the absence of any real challenge to his authority.

Haley said that the people of the South American country are "unwilling victims of a criminal narco-state, " and that the May 20 elections in which Maduro is seeking reelection will be fraudulent if independent observers are absent.

Pence urged other OAS member countries to help the USA increase pressure on the Maduro regime by cutting off "Venezuela's corrupt leaders from laundering money through your financial systems" and by enacting visa restrictions to block their travel.

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Many Latin American governments also fear that additional sanctions would worsen the country's unprecedented humanitarian crisis, which has left millions of people in abject poverty and caused a migration exodus to neighboring countries such as Colombia and Brazil.

"We want to leave".

"We believe it is time to do more, much more", Pence said in an address to the OAS in Washington.

Moncada also argued the USA aims to "stop the May 20 elections in Venezuela", through new sanctions and diplomatic aggression, and accused the US of committing an global crime.

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The other thing that stood out from Maduro's speech was his assertion that every university needed to establish a mining farm to produce cryptocurrencies in a bid to strengthen the Venezuelan economy.

Additionally, OFAC imposed sanctions on Walter Alexander Del Nogal Marquez and Mario Antonio Rodriguez Espinoza for assisting Martin and on 20 companies in Venezuela and Panama that are owned or controlled by those three individuals.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control said Pedro Luis Martin Olivares was indicted in 2015 by a grand jury in Florida for willfully conspiring to distribute a controlled substance into the United States and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance on board an aircraft registered in the United States.

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