New California homes required to have solar panels

New California homes required to have solar panels

With statewide solar power generation already at an all-time high, California is hungry for more green energy: By 2020, most new homes built in the Golden State must be outfitted with solar panels. In the event a building isn't suitable for a rooftop array, the standards require homes have access to community solar or offset energy usage through additional efficiency gains. It is expected to support the energy commission's vote.

Under the plan, some new homes, including those located under shade, will be exempt from having solar panels.

"We are the first, we will not be the last", commissioner David Hochschild said after the new mandate was adopted. Several California cities have already been mandating some solar power in new buildings. Governor Jerry Brown is planning a global climate summit this September.

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California averages about 80,000 new homes a year, with about 15,000 now including solar installations. They'll then need approval from the state's Building Standards Commission. "With everything happening in the country right now and President Trump's obsession with coal and the continuing strength of the oil industry, California needs to be aggressive in moving towards a clean energy future, and this is one step in that direction". "We are also sending a national message that ... we are a leader in the clean energy economy".

Borenstein notes these savings are effectively subsidized by other ratepayers without solar panels, net metering and solar tax credits.

Some critics, though, question the wisdom of the transition to solar at a time when California is struggling with a dire housing crisis and skyrocketing housing costs.

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According to the Solar Foundation, California employed over 86,000 solar workers in 2017, with MA next with 11,500.

Although unprecedented in many ways, the solar panel requirement will be incremental. Three years ago, California Gov. The state's renewable portfolio standard requires power companies to have 50 percent of total energy sources from renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectricity by 2030. Increased sales of solar products should reduce prices, and give customers greater savings as utilities shift rate structures.

The California Energy Commission has approved a requirement for solar panels on new homes starting in 2020. But the panels, along with other energy efficient updates, should save homeowners money on their monthly bills.

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Because of such policies, the most populous US state has frequently been at odds with President Donald Trump's aggressive rollback of policies to combat climate change. "Once again, California is showing its leadership in our fight for a 100 percent renewable energy future".

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