Apple Plans to Sell Video Subscriptions Through TV App

Apple Plans to Sell Video Subscriptions Through TV App

Apple seems to be positioning its TV app as a hub for TV and video streaming services.

Apple will soon let you subscribe to popular streaming services from within its dedicated TV application, according to a new report.

Apple doesn't yet offer one place to subscribe to multiple video services, however, but it does have its TV app which aggregates content from various movie and TV show providers. The company reportedly dropped plans to launch a live OTT TV service after failing to strike deals with potential media partners.

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Apple is planning to sell subscriptions to some video services direct via its TV app rather than have users subscribe via apps individually, according to a report by Bloomberg. It is useful when users want to locate shows from a wide array of apps and channels. With growth in iPhone sales slowing, Apple is now looking to services such as Apple Music and iCloud storage and content subscriptions to boost its financial results.

Once a show has been selected, Apple sends customers outside of TV to view it. Bloomberg notes, however, that the firm could eventually bake the streaming element into its own application, instead of sending users to third parties.

By selling subscriptions through the TV app, Apple will streamline content acquisitions for customers. For example, you can subscribe to Netflix directly from the streaming video service through its website (and Apple gets no cut), or subscribe through Netflix's app using your Apple ID (which allows Apple to take a percentage).

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Apple Inc.'s plan to reinvent cable TV is starting to look a lot like the strategy of its rival Inc.

Cupertino, California-based Apple plans to roll out this feature in the next year, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing plans that aren't public.

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