Southwest Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Window Breaks in Flight

Southwest Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Cabin Window Breaks in Flight

A Southwest Airlines flight to Newark was diverted to Cleveland on Wednesday because of a crack in one of the aircraft's windows.

The incident comes two weeks after Jennifer Riordan was almost sucked out of the window of another Southwest flight when an exploding engine caused the glass to shatter midair. Flight passengers reported that a window on the plane had cracked.

It added: 'The flight landed uneventfully in Cleveland.

Southwest said the aircraft has been taken out of service for "maintenance review" and that passengers were put on another airplane bound for Newark.

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The Cleveland landing also came a day after the crew of Southwest Flight 1380 was honored at the White House for its handling of the emergency. The plane never lost cabin pressure, the airline said.

This accident happened two days after the plane passed visual inspections, according to The New York Times. Landing in Cleveland to be safe.

"All of a sudden we just heard this loud bang rattling and then felt like one of the engines went out, the oxygen masks dropped", Passenger Kristopher Johnson told CNN. They landed safely in Newark just after 1 p.m. She was one of the first female fighter pilots in the US military and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander before leaving active duty.

This is the second high-profile flight diversion by a Southwest Airlines plane in less than three weeks.

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A Southwest Airlines spokesperson said the crew made the "unscheduled stop" for a maintenance review of the potential crack.

According to a report published on the website DansDeals, an unidentified passenger aboard the plane tweeted the above image.

Speros said passengers were freaked out over the terrifying ordeal.

Passengers on the plane told U.S. media there was no panic and people in the row near the window moved to other seats.

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