James Comey Says President Trump 'Treats Women Like They're Pieces of Meat'

James Comey Says President Trump 'Treats Women Like They're Pieces of Meat'

Trump fired Comey a year ago over his frustration around the handing of the Russian Federation investigation, which led to the appointment of the special counsel, Robert MuellerRobert Swan MuellerSasse: US should applaud choice of Mueller to lead Russian Federation probe MORE. This was the first big primetime exclusive that troubled ABC News has landed since Caitlyn Jenner's 2015 sit-down with Diane Sawyer.

'The president doesn't get to decide who goes to jail, ' Comey protested. A Justice Department watchdog concluded that McCabe had misled Comey and investigators about a news media disclosure involving Hillary Clinton shortly before the 2016 presidential election. "We thought that Comey was always a factor in her loss, but now nobody can deny that perceptions were changed because of it". Bill Clinton's spokesman and current ABC newsman Stephanopoulos directly asked Comey about Trump's fitness for office and impeachment. There is no indication he is under investigation for doing so.

The U.S. attorney's office for the Southern District of NY, which is not connected to the special counsel's ongoing Russian Federation probe, says that any material taken from Cohen will be inspected by a separate filter team to protect privileged information. But, she said, "if they feel there was any wrongdoing, they should certainly look into that just as they do on a number of other topics".

That is, unless you believe that even at that time, Comey was thinking, "I'll write up some fake notes of a conversation that never happened, then lie to other people in the Federal Bureau of Investigation about it, just in case Trump ever fires me and I want to become his public antagonist". "Again, I don't care what your views are on guns or immigration or taxes", said Comey.

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Comey said the process worked well, but was "tainted" by Trump publicly calling McCabe to be fired.

Comey, who was sacked by Trump previous year, told NPR that he doesn't follow Trump on Twitter but sees some of his tweets. "Just another of his many lies", Mr Trump said on Twitter.

In fact, more tangential stories like Comey's revelation that the White House chief of staff John Kelly called the president's firing of Comey "dishonorable" could have "the potential to actually affect some staffing decisions and policies", said Markay. Trump used the investigation as a cudgel in the campaign and repeatedly said Clinton should be jailed for using a personal email system while serving as secretary of state.

Trump did not bother to show the "many crimes" they supposedly committed.

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During the broadcast, ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos asked, "Do you think the Russians have something on Donald Trump?". "I think impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office would let the American people off the hook", he told Stephanopolous.

Republican Comey's reopening of the Clinton email case shortly before the election won him no friends among Democrats.

While much of the president's invective about the investigation - conducted first by the FBI and then by special counsel Robert Mueller - centers on the opposition dossier, Comey told ABC News that "the investigation was triggered entirely separately from the Steele dossier". "This president does not reflect the values of this country".

"I'm not trying to, by the way, suggest that President Trump is out breaking legs and - you know, shaking down shopkeepers".

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