WWE's Lana & Rusev Rusev's Gonna Retire Undertaker ... CRUSH His Old Ass!

WWE's Lana & Rusev Rusev's Gonna Retire Undertaker ... CRUSH His Old Ass!

The object of a Casket match is for a WWE Superstar to trap their opponent inside the casket and close the lid.

A day after Rusev was scheduled to face The Undertaker in a casket match at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, WWE announced Chris Jericho will replace the Bulgarian Brute and go on to face The Deadman. Rusev is no longer in the match with The Undertaker. They have competed side-by-side, including the epic Team WWE vs. Team Alliance Match at Survivor Series 2001, as well as against each other, including the Elimination Chamber Match in 2010 where Jericho overcame The Phenom to capture the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rusev entered WWE at a time where The Undertaker pretty much only did WrestleMania so the two of them haven't had any interaction.

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Here is a video of TMZ Sports catching up with Lana and Rusev for comments about the upcoming match.

So it appears, for now at least, that Rusev Day isn't going to be a thing of the past in the WWE anytime soon. In the interview, Rusev said, "Just a little bit".

What do you think of Rusev being swapped with Jericho?

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The rules to a casket match are that both men must try and get the other one in an open casket, with the victor being the one who achieves this and shuts the casket door on their opponent to close it. "I'll beat him so bad it may be his last fight". Find out at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, Friday, April 27, at 7 p.m. AST.

"The Greatest Royal Rumble" event just got a huge shakeup, as WWE announced on Wednesday it was changing up one of its top matches involving the Undertaker.

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