Sega Ages fills the Nintendo Switch with Sega classics this summer

Sega Ages fills the Nintendo Switch with Sega classics this summer

As a one-time Genesis kid whose nostalgic sweet spot is a Sega Genesis, I feel qualified to say that the Genesis deserves better from its owner. These games are being released under the Sega Ages label.

Sega Ages has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

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SEGA has, so far, only chosen to announce three games that will come to the collection, which are Phantasy Star, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Thunder Force IV.

Sega has seen your SNES Classic Mini and wants to raise you a mini version of the Genesis (or Mega Drive, as it was called outside the US).

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The Mega Drive Mini, which is scheduled for release this year, is simply a fun-size version of the classic 16-bit machine, which first launched in Japan in 1988, before being rolled out globally over the following two years.

Third, SEGA announced SEGA Ages for the Nintendo Switch and be available via the Nintendo eShop.

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Lastly, SEGA revealed that a new entry in the Sakura Taisen (known as Sakura Wars in the West) series is in the works. The company has dabbled with retro hardware before: it has licensed its name to hardware company AtGames (which has also done retro Atari consoles) to produce Genesis clones, including the Sega Genesis Flashback that Polygon wasn't a huge fan of. We've asked Sega to clarify that and to confirm whether or not the Mini Mega Drive will make it to market in the west, and we'll update you here on Gamereactor as soon as we know more.

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