National Guard arrives in Roma, Texas

National Guard arrives in Roma, Texas

Pursuant to your request, the California National Guard will accept federal funding to add approximately 400 Guard members statewide to supplement the staffing of its ongoing program to combat transnational crime. "Issues of border security require the partnership of the federal government and our state and local allies to be successful".

Mr. Trump's move is obviously focused on stemming illegal immigration at the Mexican border, which was one of his most popular campaign promises. President George W. Bush sent 6,000 in 2006.

Not all 400 troops will head to the US-Mexico border and none will arrest or deport immigrants.

National Guard Will Patrol California Board

Trump has been frustrated that the Republican-led Congress has refused to fully fund his plan to build a border wall. He did not define how many additional guard members would be deployed.

As many as 4,000 National Guard troops could soon be on their way to the border, where Mr. Trump has said they will stay and defend the border until the wall he wants there is completed.

The only holdout border state was California, led by Democratic Gov.

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Some National Guard members have started arriving at the U.S. -Mexico border with more expected as federal government officials seek ways to curtail illegal immigration.

It's unclear what operations or missions troops will perform along the border that might require them to carry weapons.

"The National Guard's efforts will include aviation, engineer, surveillance, communications, vehicle maintenance and logistics support", Chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said in a statement last week, according to ABC News. Overall immigrant apprehensions on the border last year were as low as they've been in almost 50 years (and 85 percent of the apprehensions occurred outside of California).

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But an 18-year-old American was killed by a Marine near the USA border in 1997, an incident that led to a temporary suspension of troop patrols near the border.

"I don't suppose it's a partisan downside or an id downside", he talked about. Some have chosen to remain in Mexico, but others have chose to try and continue to the U.S.

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