United States considers sale of advanced weapons to Qatar

United States considers sale of advanced weapons to Qatar

President Donald Trump vouched publicly on Tuesday for Qatar's efforts to stop the funding of terrorism, reversing his past critique and lending presidential credence to Qatari claims that it's been unfairly maligned by its Persian Gulf rivals.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency told Congress it approved the possible sale of 5,000 Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems II Guidance Sections including related equipment and services.

Trump administration allies and national security insiders have been voicing concerns about an upcoming meeting between President Trump and the Emir of Qatar, a chief terror financier in the region that has been clouded in controversy following disclosures it funded a spy operation on USA citizens and hacked the email of an administration ally, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

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Led by USA allies Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Qatar's regional rivals launched a diplomatic and trade blockade a year ago, and Trump initially appeared to take Riyadh's side. Qatar has denied the charges.

At the launch, Sheikh Hamad al-Thani, CEO of Al Dana Company, said: "Qatar Taxi has partnered with one of the world's leading companies in this field, which will be based in Doha, to ensure the security, privacy and secrecy of our users and their data".

The announcement was made ahead of a meeting between Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and US President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

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The emir did not accept the characterization that his country had just become an ally in the fight on terrorism. Qatar denies that charge but has taken steps to address US concerns.

A top fundraiser for Trump also filed a lawsuit last month against Qatar and lobbyists working for the state, alleging they hacked his and his wife's emails as part of the ongoing dispute. He says Trump's role "is very vital to end the crisis in the region".

Qatar's neighbors had also been infuriated by its willingness to host dissidents from across the Gulf and to allow broadcasts critical of them by Doha-based Al Jazeera.

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Al Thani ayaa sheegay inuu si gaar ah ugu mahadnaqayo Trump iyo dowlada Maraykanka kaalinta iyo taageerada ay siiso dalka Qatar, isagoo sheegay in ay ka wadahadleen arrimaha khilaafka u dhaxeeya wadamada Khaliijka iyo waliba dagaalka ka socda wadanka Siiriya.

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