Apple Goes Completely Green; Now Powered With 100 Percent Clean Energy

Apple Goes Completely Green; Now Powered With 100 Percent Clean Energy

All of the tech company's facilities around the world are powered by renewable energy, Apple announced Monday. Last year, it was close at 96%, but now it's finally hit the magic 100 number.

By changing to renewable energy, Wynn retired more than 835 geothermal and solar renewable energy credits in 2016, and expects to retire more than 850 in 2017.

The new Apple Visitor Center is seen in Cupertino, California. Its data centers are flanked by fields of solar panels.

These facilities include retail stores, offices, data centres and co-located premises in 43 countries such as the USA, UK, China and India. In 24 countries where it operates, Apple had reached the 100 percent renewable level, and almost 100 percent of the paper used in product packaging was from recycled or "responsibly managed sources". It is now the largest LEED Platinum-certified office building in North America that brings together solar, biogas, batteries, and a microgrid controller to keep everything playing nicely together to meet the energy needs of the facility. This will bring new big things, like solar arrays and wind farms, as well as newer solutions like biogas fuel cells and micro-hydro systems.

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Google has enough contracts to purchase three gigawatts of renewable energy output.

With 15 more projects under construction, Apple is therefore on target to complete more than 1.4 GW of clean energy generation across 11 countries.

The company has taken a relatively aggressive stance concerning renewable energy.

According to Lazard, a financial advisory firm that publishes an annual levelised cost of energy analysis, renewable energy costs continue to decline.

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ECCO Leather, the first soft goods supplier to commit to 100 percent clean energy for its Apple production.

In regard to the supply chain, the story is not as clean.

Because Apple is working with partners and utilities on wide-ranging renewable projects, new energy options are emerging for communities and countries worldwide.

Luxshare-ICT, a supplier of accessories for Apple products. "This shows where we are heading, but the fact that renewables altogether are still far from providing the majority of electricity means that we still have a long way to go", noted Nils Stieglitz, president of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, in the report.

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