New York Police fatally shoots Brooklyn man who pointed pipe at them

New York Police fatally shoots Brooklyn man who pointed pipe at them

In response, officers shot that man - identified as Saheed Vassell - because they believed the metal object was a gun.

The four officers who fired a total of 10 rounds are of various races and ethnicities: one black, two white and one Indian or South Asian, officials said, adding that they averaged about six years in uniform.

Police on Thursday released security camera footage that showed Vassell approaching people on the street and pointing the pipe at them as if it were a pistol.

NEW YORK -The father of a man killed by police officers in Brooklyn said his son was bipolar and wasn't taking his medication, but was not unsafe and didn't deserve to die.

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Authorities, however, did not warn Vassell before they shot at him, according to one eyewitness, who compared the shooting to a "hit" in a New York Daily News report.

The New York Attorney General has opened an investigation into the shooting, according to ABC News.

Mr Monahan said CCTV from local stores showed Mr Vassell brandishing an object that looked like a firearm.

Following the shooting, Eric Vassell, Saheed's father, told NY1 on Wednesday that his son had bipolar disorder and had been "sick for a long time".

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"What we have seen from the images that are publicly available, people in the community thought he had a weapon and was aiming it at residents", the mayor said. "There's a guy walking around the street".

"There's a guy walking around the street, he looks like he's insane, but he's pointing something at people that looks like a gun, and he's like popping it as if like he's pulling the trigger", one caller said, according to cops. "Police always have a choice", he told WABC in an interview Thursday. They should not train them to kill.

"They need to lose their jobs and they need to be put in jail - the same as if someone kills a cop", Ramel Johnson, 38, told The Guardian. Locals told reporters he was known for picking up trash and playing with it like toys.

Police said none of the 911 calls they received reported that Vassell may have been emotionally disturbed, only that people were concerned he was carrying a gun. "They should train them to protect life, to save life as much as possible". Eric Vassell mentioned other incidents happening around the country in which black men have been fatally shot by police. Stephon Clark, an American black man who was shot dead last week after two law enforcement officers misunderstood him as an accused of breaking vehicle windows in California, was shot eight times in his back, according to an independent autopsy. "I'm really angry and I'm really upset because the police did not have to shoot my son down like that", she said.

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