Brazilian judge issues arrest warrant against ex-president 'Lula'

Brazilian judge issues arrest warrant against ex-president 'Lula'

An appeals court on Thursday authorized Brazil's judiciary to issue an arrest warrant against ex-president and presidential hopeful Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

But he is expected to be made ineligible under Brazil's "Ficha Limpa" or "Clean Record" law, which bans political candidates from running for public office for eight years once they've been convicted of a serious crime.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will not voluntarily surrender for his entry into prison, according to former President of Brazil to daily Folha of Sao Paulo.

Last year, Moro convicted Lula for accepting perks from a major construction firm that won lucrative government contracts, including the use of a luxury beachside apartment. An appeals court upheld the conviction in January and even lengthened the sentence to 12 years and one month.

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Thursday's warrant comes several hours after the country's top court denied a request by da Silva to stay out of prison while he appealed a corruption conviction.

Lula led Brazil in two four-year terms as president, from 2003 to January 2011, years of prosperity that were fuelled by a commodity boom. However, Lula's legal team was negotiating his surrender with federal police, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. Lula, who despite his legal problems leads easily in opinion polls ahead of the upcoming presidential election, had hoped the Supreme Court would grant him liberty while he appealed his conviction in higher courts.

Universally known as Lula, Lula da Silva is a founding member of Brazil's only socialist political party, Partido dos Trabalhadores, the Workers' Party. But on the left, where Lula retains fervent backing, the Supreme Court ruling is seen as part of a right-wing coup meant to destroy the Workers' Party and maintain the current, deeply unpopular elite in power.

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The Workers Party has refused to openly discuss an alternative to nominating Lula to run.

Lula has until mid-August to register his candidacy and only after that will the Superior Electoral Tribunal rule on whether his candidacy is valid.

The court, based in southern Brazil's Porto Alegre, paved the way for Federal Judge Sergio Moro, who has been leading Operation Car Wash, a wide-reaching investigation into corruption involving state oil giant Petrobras, to order Lula's arrest.

Da Silva's protégé, former President Rousseff, was herself ousted in 2016 for manipulating the federal budget to hide the nation's growing economic crisis.

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