Woman beaten up by husband & village Panchayat

Woman beaten up by husband & village Panchayat

The woman was heard groaning and screaming after each hit.

A crowd of men and boys watched as she collapsed unconscious after the shocking beating in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

The footage, uploaded by the woman's mother to Facebook, showed the woman running for her life to the police headquarters where an officer helped her.

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The woman's mother, Noppawan Nantakit, said her daughter is a third-year student at Kasetsart University and there was no apparent motive for the attack.

In a mobile phone video, the woman is strung up in public and her husband lashes out at her until she collapses. Five days later, a group of people from the woman's own village came to her and convinced her to go back to her husband, who happens to be a former head of the village, and start with a clean slate.

The woman filed a complaint against her husband a week after the incident and once she recovered from her injuries.

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The case was registered yesterday on the court's order.

A Pasco County woman was arrested on Wednesday after deputies say she attacked her husband because he forgot their wedding anniversary. "The woman has been sent to the hospital for medical examination".

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