PUBG Mobile Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

PUBG Mobile Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Following news that Ark: Survival Evolved and Fortnite Battle Royale are heading to (or are already available on) Android and iOS, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has now launched for phones and tablets in most major locations. Your iPhone must run iOS 9.0 or later to support the game on mobile.

Let us know what you think of PUBG Mobile and how it stacks up to the versions available on PC and Xbox. After Fortnite released its limited access mobile version for the iOS, highly popular Chinese mobile gaming company Tencent who had bought the rights to PUBG for mobile released the game officially in regions worldwide.

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Unlike the original game on the PC, PUBG Mobile allows players to pick up items automatically, have access to aim assist as well as a variety of on-screen controls, including steering and pedals for driving. Also, a circle of death begins shrinking on the island shortly after you land, pushing players inward, where they're more likely to encounter one another to fight. Just days after the debut of Fornite Mobile, PUBG Mobile is now up for grabs, promising a full mobile experience for PUBG fans on their favorite devices. That means you'll get the same 8km by 8km map and the same 100-person battle royale action. Its release wasn't exactly a surprise - there was a "soft launch" last week in Canada's Google Play Store - but that doesn't make it any less exciting. It also optimized vehicle profiles to improve the game's framerate and comes with bug fixes for an instance where players would hear footsteps when no other players were in the vicinity.

My first game in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile, I was an absolute beast. All the way down to the daily log-in reward, both games are pretty much the same.

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Like with Fortnite, PUBG mobile requires a newish device.

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