Fortnite Mobile Rakes in $1 Million in First Three Days

Fortnite Mobile Rakes in $1 Million in First Three Days

Currently, Fortnite mobile is only available for iOS devices AND by invitation only. And while there are many reasons for its success, there's little debate that making the game free-to-play was a genius move on the part of Epic Games.

It remains to be seen how much more Fortnite will grow with a full iOS release and the addition of Android mobile as well.

The recently launched mobile version of the battle royale game is now the number two highest grossing game on iOS, amounting to $1.5 million in in-app purchases since the game launched worldwide last week. So if you know anyone who actually has got the game, then you know how to get the game.

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Epic Games' decision to get rid of the friendly fire feature in Fortnite: Battle Royalewas completely driven by solving in-game toxicity.

Fortnite Blitz Mode is a limited time event that kicked off Monday, March 19.

As mentioned the Android version of Fortnite mobile could still be some time. Because the gameplay has been drastically sped up, players can easily finish a Blitz mode match within 15 minutes - though, to be honest, it feels a lot shorter.

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A quick look at the responses to the Epic Games comment shows that many players appear to be in agreement with the default mode change, though several emphasized that the increase should be a "slight" one as mentioned to avoid having massive fortresses available on demand.

Meanwhile, According to Polygon, the makers made a decision to disable friendly fire after receiving multiple reports from players that they were being killed by their own teammates so other players could pick up dropped items.

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