Closing Comments: Did OJ Simpson get away with murder?

Closing Comments: Did OJ Simpson get away with murder?

Simpson interview that aired Sunday night was Simpson's account of the famous vehicle chase, when he was in a white Ford Bronco with his friend Al Cowlings.

He says Simpson is enjoying life in Las Vegas and loves the welcoming community and wants to stay.

The interview had been conducted to promote his controversial book If I Did It, in which Simpson put forward a hypothetical account of the murders. ABC brought the show back to air two years after its final season on Fox. "The hashtag "#DidOJConfess" was trending on Twitter throughout the broadcast. He and the other prosecutor, Marcia Clark, have taken a lot of criticism over the years for failing to get Simpson convicted for the murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

Of course, as Simpson repeatedly claimed in a 2006 interview that aired for the first time on Sunday, his account was entirely "hypothetical". Jean revealed that Simpson had been offered the opportunity to voice a character in The Simpsons season 4 episode "Last Exit to Springfield", which originally aired in 1993 "25 years to the day" before the long-lost interview was finally allowed to be aired.

He told interviewer Judith Regan: 'She always had a thing about her weight, and that became an all-consuming thing.

Before getting to the night of the murders, O.J. gave a recap of his backstory with Nicole.

OJ Simpson Gives Hypothetical Breakdown of Murders in 'OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?'

Interest in Simpson has proved to be enduring.

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"I don't think two people could have been murdered the way they were without everybody covered in blood", he said. "Somehow, I came out of all of that because of that night as the poster boy of an abuser". "It was absolutely awful".

"I always kept a knife in the auto for the crazies and stuff because you can't travel with a gun". And, as many knew in their hearts all along, O.J. committed it. Describing his relationship with Brown Simpson at the time of her death, Simpson said he "loved her but I didn't like her". "I believe he took it", Simpson said, referring to Charlie.

Simpson claimed that he was simply acting out of concern for his kids.

"You write about removing a glove before taking the knife from Charlie", Regan said. He responded by saying "Whatever is going on it's gotta stop". Simpson said the next thing he knew, he was standing in "all kinds of ... blood and stuff". "There's all kind of stuff around...blood and stuff around", he continued. It was meant to coincide with the publication via Fox's HarperCollins unit of a book by Simpson, "If I Did It", in which he detailed his "hypothetical" actions on the night of the murder.

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Simpson also said he would go to Brown Simpson's grave and yell at her. I may have seen him around, but I really didn't recognize him to be anyone. "It was awful. It was absolutely terrible".

"In the six minutes in which he talks about the murders, he describes being on the scene with a friend named Charlie - whom the panel believes was just a voice inside his head".

Simpson alternates between talking about Charlie and speaking in first person.

"Well, it certainly supports my belief that the gloves fit", Darden said in an interview afterwards with TMZ. Goldman's family published the book and made the profits after a bankruptcy court awarded it the rights.

After watching it again, Wrong called the footage "jaw-dropping".

Simpson was released from jail on parole past year where he was serving time for his role in a 2007 armed robbery that took place inside a room at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

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The former football star then said he and Charlie fled and tossed the bloody clothes. West is married to Kim Kardashian, the daughter of onetime Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian.

"I have doubts", Kardashian told Walters in 1996.

"Well, you freed him and look at what you freed", he says. "And look at what you freed".

"I go to the front and I'm looking to see what's going on ... while I was there, a guy shows up".

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