Watch SpaceX's New Falcon Heavy, Tesla Roadster, Starman Video

Watch SpaceX's New Falcon Heavy, Tesla Roadster, Starman Video

The three revealed a trailer of sorts around the February launch of the Falcon Heavy, The Verge reported.

Musk said that once we show companies in other countries that interplanetary travel is possible, he thinks they will up their game and work on interplanetary transport as well.

"It felt extraordinary, thinking about all the people that had contributed to putting this together, and the spirit of it", Nolan said.

However, he said that over time, he felt Tesla had caused him far "more drama" than SpaceX. "We're quite close to the cutting edge in AI and it scares the hell out of me", he confessed.

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"This is not a movie trailer".

"The biggest thing that would be helpful is just general support and encouragement and goodwill", Musk said.

Pointing to AlphaGo and its predecessor AlphaGo Zero, Musk said AI is capable of vastly more than anyone knows, and said the rate of improvement is also exponential. Recounting a conversation with Musk where they contemplated how one can inspire people, the answer turned out to be what became "Starman".

The short film may have been a different angle for the Westworld team, but they showcased their ability to create an eclectic film portraying the time, effort and process of the Falcon Heavy launch as if we were involved ourselves - and let's face it, we wish we were. "What we came up with was red sports vehicle and a David Bowie song".

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"Life can not just be about solving one miserable problem after another", Musk said.

Musk said past year that his Mars rocket, called BFR or Big Falcon Rocket, could one day fly people from city to city on Earth in incredibly short time spans, touting that it would take 30 minutes to hop from NY to Shanghai.

The Musk's Tesla will fly in space at a maximum speed of 7 miles per second and will get at 250 miles away from the Earth. "That can not be the only thing".

The rocket meant to make this voyage isn't the Falcon 9 or even the Falcon Heavy rocket, but a newer model that SpaceX is still putting together called the BFR - officially short for "Big Falcon Rocket", but since the name was partly inspired by Doom's BFG weapon, it's probably not unintentional if you first saw that acronym a different way. "That's why we did this". Watch it in the video above or on YouTube.

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