Waymo Driverless Trucks Will Be Used to Haul Google Cargo

Waymo Driverless Trucks Will Be Used to Haul Google Cargo

For this pilot program, Waymo is teaching its software, that has become accustomed to driving cars, how to manage the increased challenge of managing a truck.

Waymo is expanding the scope of its self-driving experiments, announcing Friday that its autonomous trucks would soon begin delivering freight for Google's data centers in Atlanta. During the pilot, a trained human driver will sit behind the wheel, ready to take over, if necessary.

Waymo today announced that it's launching a pilot program in Atlanta to focus specifically on self-driving trucks and automated logistics.

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Mostly known for its self-driving cars, Waymo has integrated its technology into Peterbilt Class 8 trucks, which will carry cargo to Google data centers.

To be clear, this isn't the first time Waymo has tested their semi trucks in public - the company is well aware of the many differences between driving a semi truck and driving a traditional minivan. It said that the software is learning to drive trucks in the same way a human would after years of driving a vehicle.

"Things like braking, turning, and blind spots are different with a fully-loaded truck and trailer", Waymo writes. They benefit from the same advanced self-driving software that has enabled our cars to go fully driverless in Arizona.

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Going the distance: Waymo has already driven five million miles on public roads and another five billion in simulation.

Waymo joins Uber and Tesla in the race to develop autonomous trucks and disrupt the traditional trucking industry.

"As we look to the future of innovation and efficiency, self-driving vehicles are at the forefront of enhancing roadway safety and making the transportation of American goods more feasible". The company added that it believes that "self-driving technology has the potential to make this sector safer and even stronger". So we may see self-driving trucks on the roads before cars without drivers.

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Waymo's self-driving trucks will start rolling out next week.

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