Kalonzo beats retreat, says 'at peace' after Raila-Uhuru meet

Kalonzo beats retreat, says 'at peace' after Raila-Uhuru meet

President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga have been at odds since 2017 elections that saw about 100 people killed in clashes between opposition supporters and security forces.

The Kenyan leader who was sworn in for his second and final term in office on November 28 in 2017 expressed confidence that a healthy collaboration with the opposition will usher in a new era of unity and prosperity.

They have said they will have a meeting on Monday, March 12.

Anyanga who spoke during an education function asked Nyanza locals to have a flexible political mind and realize that with politics being over, all efforts should be focused on development. "That starting today, we will begin a process of bringing our people together".

"We have come to a common understanding, an understanding that this country of Kenya is greater than any one individual, and that for this country to come together leaders must come together", Kenyatta said.

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"Time has come for us to confront our differences because they are becoming too entrenched", said Odinga.

Known for his anti-Jubilee policies, Koigi is popular for his scathing attacks and condemnations against the government, a characteristic also shared by the former Prime Minister.

Secretary Tillerson says the US will seek to work with African nations, providing them with incentives to improve governance and meet their long-term security and development goals.

He announced fierce resistance to Kenyatta's rule that culminated in his mock swearing in as the "people's president" on January 30 at a public park in Nairobi.

The US has been very critical of both Kenyatta and Odinga, Soi noted. "It is good for the country", he said.

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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has praised the "positive step" taken by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.


"We really want to give them the credit".

Tillerson said Washington looks forward to seeing successful implementation of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) because it offers a big market in which the USA wants to engage. He won an election re-run in October, which Mr Odinga had boycotted.

Political analyst and writer Patrick Gathara said such a dialogue is still needed despite Friday's meeting.

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