Officer killed, 2 wounded at Missouri home

Officer killed, 2 wounded at Missouri home

When officers arrived at the Clinton home, they came into contact with Tammy Widger, Sgt. Bill Lowe with the Missouri State Highway Patrol said Wednesday.

Lowe also mentioned that the reason for the police officers entering the home in an attempt to apprehend the suspect is still unknown. Windsor is approximately 15 miles from Clinton.

James Waters (pictured) shot three Clinton police officers when they responded to a 911 call.

Officer Christopher Morton was fatally shot at a home in Clinton, Mo. on Tuesday. Officer Nicholas Kasper was also treated for gunshot wounds and was released from the hospital earlier Wednesday. A woman who was at the home was taken into custody. Her bond was set at $25,000. It wasn't initially clear what circumstances led to the shooting.

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"We urge everyone to please avoid the area as the shooter is still barricaded inside the residence", the fire department said in a statement.

Our heartfelt condolences to the Clinton, MO Police Department who had another one of their officers killed in the line of duty overnight. Waters was the only person in the home. "They're going to endure more", Sgt. Lowe said.

"Yes, it is a coincidence that they were called to that specific address, and it is tragic that that happened, but the fact is they were in the act of committing crimes within that house", Lowe said. Upon arrival, at some point in the time where they approached the house, they were shot at.

Rudolph's message from his family to Morton's family and those of the injured officers - "I wanna say from his family to officers family we are sorry that this happened".

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Court records show Waters had a history of convictions for drugs and resisting arrest. He served stints in prison from October 2000 through November 2002, May 2003 through April 2008, July 2008 through October 2012, and May 2014 through last July, according to Missouri Department of Corrections spokesman Garry Brix.

The slain Clinton officer was identified as 30-year-old Christopher Ryan Morton. Officer Gary Michael was shot to death during a traffic stop last August. He pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against McCarthy. When Morton and two other officers responded to the call, they were met with gunfire at the residence.

"Officer Christopher Morton put his life on the line in service to his community and our nation, and we are deeply saddened by his loss", Blunt said.

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The Lawrence Police Department tweeted, "As tragedy strikes the Clinton, Missouri Police Department for the second time in 7 months, we send our thoughts and prayers to the department and community".

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