Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill called the "Sunshine Protection Act" that would ask Congress to allow the state to stay year-round on daylight saving time, which now runs almost eight months of the year, from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. When you see light within a few hours of sunrise, you body says "Oh, dawn came early" and advances your natural wake time. Cathy Goldstein, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of Michigan School of Medicine Sleep Disorders Center, what really happens to your body when you lose an hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time.

1784 - The idea of daylight saving is first conceived by Benjamin Franklin.

Clocks will "spring" forward this weekend in most Canadian households in the semi-annual adjustment to our lives.

1914-1918 - Britain goes on DLS during World War I. People who live on the cusp of areas in other states that do and don't change their clocks call daylight saving "fast time", because in the spring and summer the ones whose governments go with the flow are an hour ahead of those who don't.

This adjusting has consequences: a documented increase in heart attacks and vehicle accidents for a few days after we make the switch, Herzog said. Those states are Arizona and Hawaii.

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The time will jump from 2 3 a.m. Sunday, which some doctors say can have a crippling effect on your health.

Many countries begin DST on different days, which causes confusion for worldwide business communications. Those locales don't observe Daylight Saving Time and operate instead on permanent standard time.

Daylight savings often means waking up with an hour later than you planned.

Melatonin production occurs in the pineal gland, a 1 cm structure in our brain and, it is based upon whether it is light or dark outside-a very clever system, indeed.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is considering a bill that passed his state's house and senate that would permanently establish daylight saving time.

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Prior to going to bed Saturday night, Hoosiers are reminded to reset clocks one hour ahead. "So we'd just do away with moving the clocks".

But there isn't an option for states to exempt themselves from standard time. Moving clocks forward will likely result in the loss of an hour of sleep, making it more hard to get out of bed for work or school for a while.

But if Florida gets its way, the state will stay on daylight saving time ... forever. While one night of bad sleep certainly isn't enough to cause these conditions, Goldstein says the findings highlight the importance of solid slumber. Daylight Saving Time begins today. Mike Carter (R-Ooltewah) was one of the co-sponsors of the bill and it's an easy gamble Tennessee and a growing number of other states will adapt a "same time" bill next session, eliminating the clock change forever. It was enforced during the First World War, in a bid to save money during wartime.

The incentives for the Sunshine Protection Act include expected lower energy use in the evening hours and lower crime rates, as well as a boost in tourism for shops and attractions, the Times reported.

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