Chip Gaines Accidentally Reveals New Baby's Gender

Chip Gaines Accidentally Reveals New Baby's Gender

HGTV fans were heartbroken when they learned Joanna Gaines and Chip Gaines made a decision to cancel Fixer Upper after five seasons. Taken over the weekend during their attendance at a golf event for the Tim Tebow Foundation, Chip asked Gage to help him come up with baby names, and the resulting conversation was beyond sweet! "Now, listen to this". But listen to me: It's a little boy, and I need a "D" name.

Chip and Joanna already have two boys whose names start with the letter D: Drake, 12, and Duke, 9.

Now Chip can say I told you so.

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We're thrilled for the HGTV stars but, really, in this video, it's Gage who's melting our hearts.

"You better keep that to yourself, dude", Chip continues conspiratorially to Gage.

Chip adds that the only D name for a boy that he can come up with is "Dragon", which sends Gage into a giggling fit. "[Joanna was] like, 'You are not calling that baby Dragon!'"

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The secret's out: Quoting Mike's tweet Wednesday, Chip wrote: 'Alright, alright. if we're going to announce the gender of our #5th child.

The original video was tweeted by Twitter user @jms81367.

Earlier this year, Joanna announced her pregnancy with an Instagram video of her sonogram. The 15-episode, behind the scenes series, will be a 30-minute show which will follow "Fixer Upper", showing details behind each companion episode.

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The whole day was quite exciting for Gage, who, on top of meeting Chip, also got to hang out with former NFLer Tim Tebow.

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