Confirmations by Microsoft about Windows 10 Getting New 'S Mode' Next Year

Confirmations by Microsoft about Windows 10 Getting New 'S Mode' Next Year

Windows 10 S, which was launched as a stripped down version of the operation system designed for students, launched a year ago as an alternative operating system to the full-blown Windows 10 experience.

The messaging on the software was always a bit messy, though, and the company didn't really do itself any favors by launching it on the high-end Surface Laptop.

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It was reported last month that Microsoft was planning to transition its education-focused Windows 10 S from a separate operating system into a "mode" in existing versions of Windows 10. Understandably, it's been a bit hard to determine how to classify what's essentially functioned as a forked version of the company's broader OS. This change would add "S Mode" as an option on Windows 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise PCs, giving admins another way to stop users from using apps found outside of the Microsoft Store.

Recent estimates have stated that Chrome OS accounts for about 60% of the United States education market in grades K-12. The AI platform in Windows 10, which will launch with the next major version of Windows, will make use of the GPU on your local machine and allows developers to run their models in real time and without the need for a round trip to the cloud.

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Around a year ago, Microsoft released their Windows 10 S operating system - meant to be a direct competitor to the Google Chrome Operating System.

There's some confusion over how users who receive "S Mode" will be able to unlock it and how much it will cost - with rumours ranging from Free to $49, but no firm acknowledgement of this has been made by Microsoft. Microsoft's Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter that there will be no "distinct version" going forward.

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This new AI platform will be available across the whole Windows device family including PCs, servers, IoT devices and HoloLens. It was clear that Microsoft was gunning for Google's position as the go-to device for the education market, although it appears that Windows 10 S didn't catch on well enough to warrant its own full operating system. Microsoft hasn't yet offered any additional details, so it remains to be seen if this will indeed be the case.

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