Burnout Paradise Remastered Release Date and Price Confirmed

Burnout Paradise Remastered Release Date and Price Confirmed

"We've given Burnout Paradise a complete graphics overhaul, with high-resolution textures and a range of technical enhancements created to deliver all the high-octane chaos with an nearly irresponsible level of visual fidelity", EA writes.

Burnout Paradise Cagney: Includes two brand new vehicles and additional "community" vehicle finishes plus online game modes.

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EA has announced that its much-rumoured remaster of developer Criterion's classic Burnout Paradise is real and coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 16th. It was the last title in the Burnout series to date despite Burnout being about a billion times better than your Forzas and Gran Turismos and whathaveyou.

The remaster is set to retail for £34.99 across PS4 and Xbox One. This includes the extension to the drivable world with Big Surf Island. Unless of course you have EA Access for the Xbox One, in which case you can play the game from March 9.

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When describing the game, Matt Webster, General Manager at Criterion Games, said, "Burnout Paradise is an open world arcade racer built to provide players the thrill of racing with their friends, in a free form way that's both seamless and immersive". Thankfully, it won't be long before players can revisit Paradise City: the remastered game is launching on consoles on March 9th. The game will be available later this year on EA Origin on PC as players will be able to experience the Big Surf Island add-on for the first time.

Burnout Paradise Remastered will launch at $39.99.

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