Google turning on ad blocker, pushing AMP email feature

Google turning on ad blocker, pushing AMP email feature

However, unlike the products from the companies mentioned above, Google's AMP Stories can only be created by publishers, which puts it in the same playing field as Snapchat Discover, a section on the Snap platform dedicated to publisher content. In a sense, it's exactly like Google Search, but the underlying pages are mobile-optimized, really fast and use a fraction of the data and bandwidth that normal web pages would.

For now, Google is testing AMP-powered Stories and will roll them out more significantly over time. It's the next step in the company's AMP ecosystem, a set of technologies created to make it simpler to build fast-loading webpages.

The idea to bake AMP straight into Gmail comes only hours after Google its new AMP story format - which aims to empower creators to build image, video, and animation intensive experiences for mobile - at AMP Conf in Amsterdam earlier today.

Initially, Google will start indexing AMP stories in search results on a limited basis.

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The rep also added that "AMP Story content should be fulfilling and standalone".

Unveiled today, Google said its new AMP story format was developed with the help of publishing partners such as CNN, Mashable, Vox Post, and The Washington Post.

Third-party companies will, of course, need to sign up to AMP for email to use this product. The move will make email services "more engaging, interactive, and actionable", according to Google.

At Search Engine Land and our other sites, we have invested in publishing our content in AMP format.

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Google is bringing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Gmail, making it possible to update a meeting invitation, get updated flight information and fill out forms and questionnaires, among other tasks, without leaving the confines of the popular email program.

Though Google is also an author of/contributor to the AMP plugin, when I asked specifically about support for the AMP Story format, Google referred me to Automattic/WordPress.

Some or many people only see their Gmail account as an avenue to send and receive emails.

Interacting with email could be noticeably different within a few months. Instead, more dynamic content will be available within the mail itself.

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