Turkey witnessed sharpest decline in freedom: 2018 Freedom Report

Turkey witnessed sharpest decline in freedom: 2018 Freedom Report

Read alsoUkraine requires anticorruption garbage collectors to submit e-declarations - Freedom HouseAt the same time, it is reported that the government made progress in crafting and implementing a number of reforms during the year, including changes to the healthcare and education systems, as well as measures created to empower local and regional administrations. It explained that the status change was due to political rights and civil liberties seeing a sharp decline attributed to "a deeply flawed constitutional referendum that centralized power in the presidency".

"Democracy is facing its most serious crisis in decades", Freedom House President Michael Abramowitz said. The values it embodies - especially the right to be elected leaders of free and fair elections, freedom of the media and the rule of law - are being attacked on a global scale.

This is not the first year the organization has observed democratic decline around the world.

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But it says that "the decline accelerated in 2017, owing to evidence of Russian interferences in the 2016 elections, violations of basic ethical standards" by President Donald Trump's administration, and "a reduction in government transparency". "The government has even pressed its crackdown beyond Turkey's borders, triggering a flood of Interpol "red notice" requests to detain critics overseas, among other effects", the report said.

Democracy does not prevail in a majority of the world according to a recent study.

"The central goal of these efforts was to disrupt democratic states and fracture the institutions that bind them together".

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As for political and civil freedoms, the country got 3 out of 7 points.

On the other hand, the report also says that corruption continues to remain a cause for concern for our country, while the interference of powerful businesses, politics and media is preventing independent news to develop.

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