Overwatch's Blizzard World Coming Before 'End of the Month'

Overwatch's Blizzard World Coming Before 'End of the Month'

If the league can keep viewer numbers high throughout each week of the season, this may be one of the biggest success stories in the history of esports. Millions of "Overwatch" players and fans worldwide can stream all matches exclusively from Twitch after the company signed a multi-year streaming rights with the league.

Blizzard has divided Overwatch League teams into the Pacific Division and the Atlantic Division.

The American video game publisher - maker of the massively successful competitive first-person shooter Overwatch, which had a player base of more than 35 million players as of last October - has made a decision to double down on the game's popularity by running a season-based competition similar to what one might find in traditional sports. This treatment does not include transmission rights, but technological development and commercialization. This means that when games are going on, instead of opening a separate app or firing up your PC / mobile device, you can just select the "Overwatch League" option from the main menu.

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Overwatch League does involve a number of big esports superstars, as well as big investors behind each of the teams, and it promises the kind of worldwide action that competitive fans have been waiting for.

Los Angeles is the only city represented by two OWL teams, the L.A. Valiant adorned in black, green and gold as well as the L.A. Gladiators in white, purple and black. Blizzard has put a lot of effort into promoting the inaugural season of the league. For just logging into the game, you'll get 100 tokens, redeemable for any one skin.

For European viewers the matches took place very late at night, so they've been watching the replays as they woke up this morning. All players who log in between now and February 13, 2018, will receive enough League Tokens to obtain a team uniform of their choice free.

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The skins will be available for all 26 of the playable heroes in Overwatch, meaning that there are over 300 skins to choose from. New team skins plus a host of new updates have been released, as indicated in the "Overwatch" patch notes for January 10.

The full Overwatch League schedule, as well as results and standings, can be found on the official website. Before today's climb, shares of Activision Blizzard had soared over 70% in the last 52-weeks.

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