UK Refuses to Grant Assange Diplomatic Status - Foreign Office

UK Refuses to Grant Assange Diplomatic Status - Foreign Office

El Universo quoted reliable sources who confirmed the document, numbered 1729926483, was issued to a Julian Paul Assange on December 21.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that Assange's name appeared in Ecuador's Civil Registry, a database including only Ecuadorian citizens.

Espinosa said Ecuador had asked the United Kingdom to grant diplomatic status to Assange in a bid to secure immunity and safe passage, but the request was rejected.

"Ecuador is now exploring other solutions in dialogue with the UK", Ecuador's foreign minister, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, told reporters Thursday.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) says they have granted naturalization to Julian Assange.

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The original case against him has been dropped, but Assange remains inside the embassy.

Earlier this week the Ecuador's foreign minister said the country may pursue mediation to resolve the stand-off between the South American nation and Britain over his fate.

Assange's legal team have maintained his confinement to the embassy amounts to illegal detention.

At the beginning of January, it was reported that US lawyers who worked on Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign were working to remove the threat of arrest placed on Mr. Assange by federal authorities.

Yesterday, Ecuador said it was looking to end the "untenable impasse" with the WikiLeaks founder, pictured, who has criticised Ecuador's allies including Spain.

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He was also a point of contention in Ecuador's 2017 presidential election.

Yesterday, Ecuador's foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa said Assange's stay had become "untenable" and she was seeking a mediator's assistance. Assange was arrested in London in December that year on a pan-European warrant.

The WikiLeaks founder has been holed up in Knightsbridge since the summer of 2012, when he faced the prospect of extradition to Sweden over claims that he sexually assaulted two women.

In February 2011, a British judge rules Assange can be extradited to Sweden.

Britain's Foreign Office has insisted Assange must "leave the embassy to face justice".

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Moreno issued a warning reminding Assange not to meddle in politics. You also can't blame the man for trying to get out in a way that would make it harder for him to be extradited to the U.S., particularly after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said his arrest was "a priority" last April.

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