Trump cryptic about contacts with North Korean leader Kim Jong

Trump cryptic about contacts with North Korean leader Kim Jong

In a new open letter to members of Congress, seventeen former nuclear launch officers issue a grave warning regarding President Trump's unfettered access to nuclear weapons, declaring that the current US nuclear launch process "poses a clear and present danger to the country and the world: No one - not the secretary of defense, not the attorney general, not Congress - can veto that order".

Trump had said on Saturday that he was open to talking to Kim. According to its supporters, it boosts GDP in all affected countries, and it's conceivable that a better deal would have larger growth effects in the USA, which the U.S. could then tax to pay for the wall.

Washington has made it clear that its most important goal is to stop North Korea being able to strike the United States mainland.

"You'll see that a lot with me and then all of the sudden somebody's my best friend", the president said. "In return, this will lead to more sales", Lynch added.

Is this why the Trump administration never seems to agree on anything?

"But one with nuclear weapons - for real - at his disposal".

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The North, however, has refused to do so, arguing that its development of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles is necessary to deter a potential attack by the U.S.

Meanwhile, there's an ongoing diplomatic effort to get North Korea to step away from its nuclear ambitions.

Many, including Trump on occasion, have expressed doubt as to the ultimate impact of diplomacy.

It was Kim's first reported public appearance since he delivered his New Year address where he offered to join the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and talk to South Korea over the participation.

Another big challenge the North poses is that much of their military arsenal is located underground, which would take time to locate and destroy.

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That announcement followed talks with South Korean negotiators - the first between the two countries in years. It announced it had postponed its joint military exercises with the USA, an annual event that North Korea believes encroaches on their sovereignty, earlier this month.

In her new book, North Korea: The Country We Love to Hate, political analyst Loretta Napoleoni described the isolated nation's ruling "juche" philosophy that values self-reliance and extreme nationalism "as a modern religion, similar to Scientology, a non-transcendental doctrine with a twist of absurdity and plenty of dogmas". This is good for the prepper industry, but perhaps not so good for America's collective mental health.

Although Trump's tone toward North Korea and its leader mostly ranged from "Little Rocket Man" and threats of "fire and fury" a year ago, Trump, at times, has also praised its leader and indicated that he would be open to talks with him.

This might help explain why a growing number of Americans are seeking comfort by investing in bomb shelters and nuclear radiation emergency kits.

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