Intel has announced 802.11ax chipsets for faster Wi-Fi

Intel has announced 802.11ax chipsets for faster Wi-Fi

It will also increase network efficiency and extend the battery life of client devices. Celeno´s field-proven chips and software technology have been successfully integrated into numerous OEM Wi-Fi devices and have been deployed in tens of millions of homes around the world by nearly 100 service providers worldwide.

Next year (2019 in case you still think that we're in 2017), the current 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard will be replaced by the new 802.11ax that will offer faster internet speeds.

"These performance enhancements are coming just in time to answer new demands in the smart and connected home". The certification process makes sure that all Wi-Fi products work together as they're supposed to, and the Alliance is correct that it usually marks the beginning of a new era of Wi-Fi.

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Intel has now announced that its 802.11ac chipsets will be released in 2018.

Even once certification arrives for 802.11ax next year, don't expect to take advantage of it for a little while. To further improve the user experience, Intel is also enabling optimizations between our 802.11ax offerings for client devices and home infrastructure devices. Additionally, the Blue Cave Wi-Fi router from ASUS-, equipped with the Intel Home Wi-Fi Chipset WAV500 Series, combines powerful Wi-Fi and complete network security with a cool, modern design that begs to be noticed.

Furthermore, Intel's 802.11ax chipsets are based on Draft 2.0 of 802.11ax, which will be the baseline for 802.11ax certification.

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Intel's 802.11ax home Wi-Fi chipsets are architected for our connected, digital lifestyles. This helps ensure optimal performance for devices, as well as low latency for applications like gaming, video and voice calls. Celeno´s extensive chip portfolio and ground-breaking software technologies are created to excel in real life, highly interfered dense network scenarios, delivering the level of management, performance, speed, coverage, reliability and superlative user experience demanded by Wi-Fi users.

Obviously, new Wi-Fi standards are great and really important for helping us get online.

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