Damore Lawsuit: Google Internal Communications Reveal Anti-White, Anti-Male Attitudes

Damore Lawsuit: Google Internal Communications Reveal Anti-White, Anti-Male Attitudes

The engineer fired by Google in August after he wrote a controversial memo about diversity in the workplace and the political climate at the tech giant has filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination against conservative white men.

Memo author James Damore was joined by David Gudeman, another former Google engineer, to file their lawsuit Monday on behalf of all former and current employees, and the document includes several tweets, emails and memos from coworkers who allegedly disparaged the plaintiffs for their right-leaning politics, "white privilege" and their gender.

Damore was sacked in August 2017 after an internal memo he wrote on workplace identity politics, titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber", was leaked to the press.

This newspaper reached out to Google and this post will be updated.

In their lawsuit, the pair claimed Google staffers openly discussed in meetings how women and members of certain ethic groupings would receive preferential treatment when it came to hiring and promotions. In that missive, Damore criticized Google for pushing mentoring and diversity programs and for "alienating conservatives".

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Screenshots of the messages and e-mails from the employees provide ample evidence that the suit isn't making up any of the claims nor are they unsubstantiated.

Damore also alleges he raised his concerns with Google's human resources representatives - and that they acknowledged conservative workers "did not feel included", according to the lawsuit.

Debate surrounding discrimination in the male-dominated tech world has raged for months, with women at numerous major Silicon Valley companies coming forward with stories of bias and sexual harassment.

Damore was sacked in august for writing an anti-diversity manifesto. Google terminated Gudeman in 2016 after he made comments suggesting a Muslim colleague had a link to terrorism.

Google is also facing allegations that it discriminated against women who taught its employees' children at the company's preschool.

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While many have condemned Damore's views, others in the Silicon Valley tech world have wondered if there was a bias at Google that disallowed the open expression of politically conservative viewpoints.

All this is happening while Google is fighting back claims that women at the company have been systematically underpaid.

This conduct put Google firmly in breach of employment law, the suit claimed.

Some of the Liberal media outlets out there are attempting to continue their attacks on Damore and the lawsuit, but the evidence is quite clear this time around and it will be hard to spin the news otherwise, especially if the general public takes a look at the files for themselves.

But the lawsuit contends Damore's firing reflects Google's intolerance for opinions that aren't widely shared by its workforce.

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The suit, filed last week, also adds a fourth complainant, a preschool teacher with a master's degree.

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