HP recalls laptop batteries because of fire and burn risks

HP recalls laptop batteries because of fire and burn risks

Nearly one year ago to the day, a whopping 101,000 lithium-ion cells used in various HP notebook computers were similarly deemed a serious fire and burn hazard, extending on a recall program initiated in June 2016 which sought to replace an additional 41,000 batteries. The HP ProBook, HP ZBook, HP x360, HP Envy m6, HP Pavilion x360 laptops are all included on the recall list, and you can check the full list on HP's website. However, since the batteries in these laptops are not meant to be replaced by consumers, HP will send an authorized technician to replace the battery properly.

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If you have one of those laptops or batteries, then HP encourages customers to enable battery safety mode on their computers and connect to an external power source. You should take the matter seriously too, as eight fire reports have already been filed, including property damage totaling $4,500, and a minor user injury. If the latter two are not available on the computer, users can download the fully-loaded battery validation utility program instead. Affected batteries were also sold as accessories during the period. While that should be enough to prevent the laptop owners from panicking, they are nonetheless advised to visit the specific site HP has set up to allay any fears or confusion out of this. In some cases, that overheating could cause the batteries to become unstable and catch fire. If it is indeed so, then a BIOS update gets installed, and the laptop gets rebooted.

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Critically, though, the modern obsession with thin-and-light - and, to be less generous, built-in obsolescence - means that numerous above models have internal batteries which are not user replaceable.

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In fact, HP is strongly recommending enabling the Battery Safety Mode if the battery fails the validation tests.

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