Gomez, friends in Mexico for New Year celebration

Gomez, friends in Mexico for New Year celebration

It's not new news that Selena Gomez and her mum, Mandy Teefey, haven't always seen eye to eye with Justin Bieber's name somehow being in the middle of all the drama.

Despite having a close bond, it's a given that Selena Gomez and her mother, Mandy Teefey, have a bit of a complicated relationship.

The singer/actress has continued to enjoy success professionally with singles like Wolves, Fetish, and Bad Liar, while she also executive produced hit series 13 Reasons Why for streaming service Netflix, and filmed forthcoming Woody Allen movie A Rainy Day in NY.

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"They are all planning to do some fun dinners and spend New Year's eve together".

The two singers confirmed their reconciliation in November this year. Mandy lost her clout as a manager after Selena left.

After Selena rekindled her relationship with Justin, her family because really sad considering all the suffering that he had caused her in the past. As you can see the two family members look so happy, and we are so in awe of how sweet Gomez is by gifting her cousin such an fantastic and thoughtful gift. A source inside revealed, "Selena is dealing with some family issues at the moment and Justin is there for her".

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The source added, "It caused a huge rift in their relationship".

Things allegedly went sour between the pair when Selena dropped her mum as her manager back in 2014 and got a whole new team which led the pair not to speak for an "entire year". The two walked on the red carpet during the premiere of "13 Reasons Why" in March.

It looks like Selena Gomez's family members are encouraging the singer to end her feud with her mom.

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The ladies and Selena continued their party at Manny's Uptown Tex Mex restaurant where they had drinks and food.

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