Flu Vaccine Safe For People With Egg Allergies

Flu Vaccine Safe For People With Egg Allergies

Kansas health officials say the flu is increasing in most parts of the state.

Clark County saw more than 40 flu-related hospitalizations during the last flu season, a majority of which involved people ages 60 and older, according to the Clark County Combined Health District.

"When someone gets a flu shot, health care providers often ask if they are allergic to eggs", says allergist Matthew Greenhawt, MD, chair of the ACAAI Food Allergy Committee and lead author of the practice parameter.

The practice parameter update makes a strong recommendation indicating that individuals with an egg allergy, regardless of how severe those allergies are, should receive the flu vaccine.

However, not everyone in that range has been able to get the vaccine to date.

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Khan said the pediatric units "bear the brunt of the flu season", but they aren't "in a surge at this time". This is because the vaccine does not contain enough egg protein (ovalbumin) to trigger an allergic reaction, even among those with the most severe egg allergy.

Last year, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics both relaxed their flu shot guidelines for patients with egg allergies.

The new findings mean that even more people will be able to get their recommended flu shot without sacrificing peace of mind.

"We are now at the point where any remaining contraindication or special precaution is unnecessary, and there should be no barrier to the egg allergic patient receiving this vaccine in the primary care setting, like any patient may", Greenhawt noted. "Egg allergy primarily affects young children, who are also particularly vulnerable to the flu".

The researchers concluded that someone who is allergic to eggs is not at an increased risk of experiencing an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine.

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But a paper published Tuesday in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found the flu shot to be safe and recommended its use for people who are allergic to eggs.

However, doctors said she might want to reconsider, especially with the flu already widespread.

"This is the best preventative measure we have against contracting influenza", Greenhawt said.

The vaccine has been offered to eligible children in reception class and school Years 1 to 4 in primary school.

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