The new Portal game is a Bridge Constructor spin-off

The new Portal game is a Bridge Constructor spin-off

If you had to guess what franchise Portal would most likely cross over with, it wouldn't be Bridge Constructor.

Headup Games has announced the next iteration of its Bridge Constructor series, and it's a Portal mash-up.

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"If you've been paying attention the solution should be obvious", GLaDOS says in the announcement. It received a more fleshed-out sequel in 2011's Portal 2, which received even more acclaim than the original. It's likely that she will tell you there's a cake somewhere on your bridge building journey, but it's nearly certainly a lie. Though which consoles exactly weren't specifically stated, the video shows logos for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. I suggest you stock up on Advil before playing this one. The game will jump to consoles sometime in 2018. And, yes, Portal's evil AI GLaDOS is in Bridge Constructor Portal and back to delivering her/its signature acerbic but monotone observations of player-characters.

I'm seriously just beside myself with how excited I am for this game- Particularly considering Valve isn't the kind of company who will just license out IP to anyone who stumbles into their office with an envelope full of cash like many, many popular IP holders who get pitched mobile games.

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Portal has gone all over the place, from the darkest depths of Aperture Science to outer space, briefly. Luckily, Portal is making a return, but by means of Bridge Constructor.

Yes, this is what it looks like when I fan out over something.

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Bridge Constructor Portal is set to be released on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile on 21 December 2017.

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