2017 supermoon rises this weekend

2017 supermoon rises this weekend

The next time the moon will come that close to the Earth will be on November 25, 2034. Due to this phenomenon from the ground you can see the larger size of the lunar disk than usual.

The average distance between the moon and earth is 3,84,000 km, but at perigee, it is 3,56,000 km and at apogee, it will be 4,06,300 km. Since the supermoon on Jan. 31 will be the second full moon in January, it's dubbed a Blue Moon, and will occur during a total lunar eclipse. The weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies on Sunday night, and you can check the National Weather Service's graphical forecast for a more specific prediction.

Tomorrow will mark the closest the moon will orbit to the earth all year round and will appear bigger and brighter than usual.

However, December's full moon is the only visible supermoon.

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The distance between the moon and Earth constantly changes.

The moon will be roughly 10,000 miles closer to Earth on Sunday evening, creating our first and only Supermoon of the year.

This will mean that the on the night of the December 3 the moon will be seven per cent larger and 16 per cent brighter than usual.

If you don't think you'll want to leave the comfort of your own home to view the celestial event, there will be two livestreams of the supermoon.

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This weekend will be a good time to relax, look up at the sky and take in the glowing moon. Some people, Joseph said, might not notice anything or just assume it's like any other full moon.

If you won't be able to witness the Supermoon on Sunday, don't worry because there will be a few more in the near future.

For those using DSLR cameras, Ingalls recommends using another subject in the image, like a person, pet or landmark to compare to the size of the moon.

"The supermoon gets headlines because the moon's a little bigger and a little brighter, but people get frustrated that they can't always tell the difference". Do it near the horizon, and do it again away from the horizon.

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