You Can Now 'Remix' Photos Sent to You on Instagram

You Can Now 'Remix' Photos Sent to You on Instagram

Once a friend sends you a photo via direct message, you can add a sticker to that photo and use the same in your reply.

Apart from remix, the Instagram Android app also gets the ability to limit how often a friend can view a photo you have sent him or her. Another new feature now allows you to control the number of times that your friends and family members can playback one of your messages.

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Facebook is really going strong with its Snapchat copying and at this rate, who will actually need Snapchat anymore?

The single view expiry was a bit of a holdover from similar features Instagram was emulating from Snapchat, but I think the option to replay is much more at home on the photo sharing social network.

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The Remix Photo features lets you edit, resize and include the existing photos in new photos, like the pictures above.

In Snapchat, users can add text and draw on their own images, and also images that publishers post to Snapchat Discover. The option could be set at "one view" or "allow replay" when sending. If you don't care how long they look at it, choose "Allow Replay", which will make the photos and video clips loop. It would be fun to see how friends might use this feature to ridicule and make fun in a friendly way among each other in their private Instagram chats. Note that if you don't have the updates yet, it may take a few days to hit your account.

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