Preventing Christmas tree fires: Here's why you should water your Christmas tree

Preventing Christmas tree fires: Here's why you should water your Christmas tree

Valued for their blue-green to silvery blue color, Colorado blue spruce has gained popularity as a Christmas tree.

Donelson says it takes about 10-12 years for a tree to grow before it's ready for your house for Christmas. There are handsome trees to pick from and a really good supply.

Absher said for every tree he sells, he sends his customers home with a packet of Forest Fresh, a pill that is placed in the water of the tree stand. There's a record of a small tree in Breman, Germany, from 1570. They may hold a big community bonfire or grind the trees into mulch that can be used for the garden in spring. "I plan on growth about five percent a year maybe a bit more, but when we have as many new customers this year, it's really hard".

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Let's be honest a grand is seeming pretty pricey for a whole new tree, so we reckon hooking your old tree to the ceiling should do the trick nicely.

To check for freshness run your fingers down a branch.

"In those years, we were in a recession and tree sales were down, prices were down, and we weren't planting as many trees", he said. Branches should be pliable.

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Purchasing a real tree, decorating it, and placing it in your home gives you more of a sense of being outdoors, Absher said, and it helps the environment. They tend to have a symmetrical growth habit and hold the heaviest ornaments without complaint. "Instead of climbing in the attic and dragging that dusty thing out, this year come a get you a fresh cut tree at lazy acres". Trees should be checked daily to make sure the water doesn't go below the bottom of trunk.

NFPA reports that 40 percent of Christmas tree fires involved electrical distribution or lighting equipment and about 25 percent involved some type of heat source, such as a candle or equipment, that was too close to the tree. Safety needs to be a priority during the holidays.

Because of the shortage, the National Christmas Tree Association estimates tree prices will go up by 5 to 10 percent. The holidays should be a time for fun.

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